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  1. Unfortunately leaving a window open isn't an option as the only window is massive... The door doesn't seem to have beading, just a black seal. I've taken a normal panel out before (like in the video) but I can't find how these windows are held in ---------- Post added 18-02-2016 at 21:41 ---------- The outside looks exactly the same? No removable beading that I can find:confused:
  2. Hi guys, Can someone advise how on earth I remove this glass panel?? http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r...sh8n7jcdh.jpeg http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r...sbxmb1mey.jpeg THANKS!
  3. Hi there, yes id like to take the glass out and replace with a UPVC Panel but the question is how, I cant see how to remove the panel??? (See pics) Any ideas? if not I think it might have to go on the front door as there is no outside wall that a flap would go... Thanks
  4. So this is the back door in my new house.... Is it UPVC? How do I get one of the panels out to replace with a UPVC panel.... Any ideas? I need to get a catflap, a new door seems a little dramatic!!!! http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r5/susannesatur/Mobile%20Uploads/image_zpsh8n7jcdh.jpeg http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r5/susannesatur/Mobile%20Uploads/image_zpsbxmb1mey.jpeg
  5. Hi Guys, I am looking to have a radiator moved and wondered if you wouldn’t mind letting me know what I would expect to pay. I am moving to a new city (sob) where I don’t know any tradesmen and am worried about getting ripped off. I would like to know what would be a reasonable quote to accept? I have put a link to the room… http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r5/susannesatur/Untitled_zpszlamybce.jpg http://s140.photobucket.com/user/susannesatur/media/Untitled_zpszlamybce.jpg.html I would like a tall radiator (which I will supply) putting in the alcove and the big radiator removing. MANY THANKS!! Susanne
  6. Thanks everyone, ill definitelybkeep a log, its just so frustrating!! xx
  7. So we have a new neighbour who is so chuffing inconsiderate, im writing to ask what to do but i already know the answer is naff all, i guess im just lookinng to vent! he thinks its appropriate to get a circular saw going at 10pm or get a chain saw out at 9pm to trim his hedges… completes LOUD diy at about the same time too. 101 Wont do anything, the envirinmental health people want to come and sit in my house to listen but by the time bthey get their bums off chairs, the jack hammering has stopped and weve onky had to listen to him for 2 hours oh and i have a small baby who keeps getting woken up. Last night he came back with about 20 people at 12am and blasted out really loud music. At 2:30 we had to go round as its wasnt going to stop and the police once again didnt care. Ive been round 4 or 5 times to explain that we have a small child (who doesnt keep him up through the night btw) and every times apologises, says it wont happen again but always does. Last night woke loads of other houses up too, saw loads of lights come on. We live on a lovely quiet street, have done for 20 years with no problems like this Fed up, tired, annoyed
  8. Does anyone know a charity who specialises in providing outfits to unemployed people to wear to interviews? have lots to donate but not wanring a general charity shop as ive already got a huge bag for that. thanks
  9. Mortgage Express – Transfer of Equity Hi there, I just wondered if someone could explain the process for when you apply for a transfer of equity. In a nut shell: My husband and his ex broke up 9 years ago and she continued living at the house on interest only. As the house is in negative equity they still can’t sell. She can’t afford to take sole ownership so tomorrow we are applying for a transfer of equity to my husband/myself. My husband has good credit score almost very good, I have a fair credit score almost good. We have no over drafts, no personal loads, one credit card that isn’t maxed out, I have one old default that was paid off 5 years ago, we do both have car finance. Our salaries meet the cost of the current mortgage amount. I am hopeful that we will meet the affordability checks (although really worried as this is our last option and if this doesn’t work we don’t know what to do as we cannot buy without my husbands lending ability being free). After that this apparently goes on to the ‘under writers’ for approval. Can someone explain to me what this actually means. How likely is it to pass the affordability checks and not be passed by the under writers? When you do a transfer of equity do they request your bank statements etc as if you were applying for a mortgage for the first time? Also, do they do the checks based on the current terms ie interest only or repayment (which is what we would want to change it to but im thinking we do this at a later date). Im not looking for someone to reassure me that it’ll go through as I know this is impossible to predict, I just would like to know the process ready for tomorrows phone call! Thanks in advance
  10. Today at 1pm I drove past 2 riot vans and 4or5 police cars near mailin bridge tram stop... Officers were loading stuff into the vehicles and there was a dodgy aroma in the air!! Wondered if anyone knew what had happened?
  11. He didn't give permission, she also changed the price of the house with the estate agent without this permission. He took it up with both who assured him no further changes would be made without both consenting however it's all a bit too late!!!
  12. So our only option is to let her stay there and rent for the rest of our lives??? ---------- Post added 13-06-2015 at 11:37 ---------- I don't understand why the mortgage wouldn't be classed as complete on paper if the full debt is paid? Can you explain further?
  13. Oh yes we know, we are now setting up an apt with the mortgage company to discuss 'management of shortfalls' as they call it. The crux of the matter is that she wants to keep the house. We want to move on. If £10k is what it takes then that's just the cross we will have to bare to get rid of her from our life. Or like I said we all move in together. What a fun game that would be
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