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  1. Does anyone know if Bramall Lane still have a singles night?
  2. The cost isn't the problem, I think I paid £20. The problem is you're not guaranteed a parking space. I've come home at 6pm, not been able to park anywhere so I've driven around for half an hour until 6.30 when I can park outside of the bays. I normally get home from work around 10.30/11pm, again there's not always a space. Thankfully I'm moving from here next week so won't have to drive home wondering if I'll be able to park anywhere.
  3. I've got a permit but there's not enough spaces for the cars on the road, there's always cars parked outside of the bays at night.
  4. Thanks Planner1, if that is the case then I have been very lucky as I've always run out around 8.15ish to move it. I've seen my neighbours do the same. So glad to be moving from here
  5. It has changed then as I've been here a year and it has always been 8.30, the signs now say 8. I've had no notice of this change, surely they should let the residents know? Luckily I'm moving next week, I'll pay the fine and move on because I don't have the time or inclination to contest it. Thanks for your replies.
  6. Yes I was, the same place I've always parked when I haven't managed to get into a bay.
  7. Does anyone know if the times you're allowed to park outside a parking bay at Hillsborough have changed? I've lived here a year and if I can't get a space in a parking bay I've always parked outside of it and moved my car before 8.30am. This morning I went out to my car just before 8.30am to find a parking fine, they had watched the car between 8.12am and 8.17am. I haven't received a notice of any changes so all I want to know is has the time changed from 8.30am to 8am? I don't want to waste my time contesting this if the time has changed, although surely they should tell the residents?
  8. Me neither and I like to know what I'm doing! Thanks for your reply
  9. Thanks, that's the main thing I needed to know.
  10. I'll be using Nunnery Square Park & Ride this week, I've never used it before so not sure what to do! Do you pay before getting on the tram or pay on the tram? How many stops to Commercial Street? It closes at 7.30pm but I'll be leaving later than this, I know you can get out with a valid ticket but how? Is there a barrier to stick your ticket in? Daft questions I know, but I suffer from anxiety so would feel much better being prepared, rather than looking like I don't know what I'm doing! Thanks for any replies.
  11. I lived near the bottom of Cooks Wood Road for 11 years and saw quite a few cars end up on their roofs after speeding down the hill.
  12. Our cat has been missing since last Wednesday evening, 19th November from the Darnall area (around the cemetery and a bit further down). Her name is Jess and she's a little tabby. She was hit by a car about 7 years ago, which caused some health problems. She's blind in one eye and has to have regular tablets as her nose gets infected and blocked, because of this she's a bit smelly and scruffy (she can't wash herself properly, I have to wash her down with a wet cloth). She's 10 years old and has been with us since she was 6 weeks old, so we're missing her and need to know where she is or what has happened to her. I don't really want to put the name of our road on here, so if anyone thinks they might have seen her please PM me. Thanks.
  13. AndrewC, read the OP again, it doesn't mention New York...lol
  14. Thanks to davey1, the suite is now gone. I would have loved for it to go to a charity or something, but as it turned out it was quite a job to get it out of the house because it was so big. The 2 men who came to collect it had to break it all up to get it out and they did a quick and brilliant job! I'll be saving the address of St Vincent De Paul though because I've got a high sleeper bed I'll be sending there, so thanks for their address.
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