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  1. this is a group on facefook if this is any good for your wife, lots of people from flower and lots of old photos. https://www.facebook.com/groups/193103510762005/
  2. if you have one from a early age they can talk, but very noisy they squarking all the time more so in spring, are called indian ring necks
  3. there was a raid on a house think it might have some thing to do with the shooting on saturday. as harmed responce was there
  4. we had one run out from a barrier on stocksbridge bypass, very scary this big dear sticking his head on my window he was that close. thank god he stopped in time so did we lol
  5. are you sure ?reading sheffield online even the next door did not know why armed police was next door, why would they send armed police to aggravated burglary
  6. this is just shocking i just wouldnt work there, i would have closed up and told them to stick there job, they have no thought for there staff, and someone should be speaking to this owner
  7. they said for 9 days starting on 13th it was the 9th day when they moved onto our road it was a bit of a night mare for all of estate to move there cars, we never new what part of the estate they was going to be working on, best way is to ask them daily what road they doing next
  8. its not the circus its a car road show apparently in the park
  9. i think it could be circus im at middlewood and see it from that area
  10. read some where else its some thing to do with a car-fighting, hit and run stabbing rioting about 40 people not come across the right one yet. but dont look good someone reported someone was on the floor
  11. someone is in intensive care after been stabbed
  12. harrios is having a referb i was waiting around the area when he had people out side talking about what they want doing
  13. just read that its at the tesco but dont know what is on fire
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