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  1. How much would I be looking at Getting this unlocked to work with different networks? Thanks
  2. Tried HDD in another laptop so I know it's not that.
  3. Think I'm best of just getting a new laptop, don't think it's the inverter as nothing powering the screen at all the Fan spins etc.
  4. I got an Acer aspire 5536 laptop, all boots up but no display on the screen I tried the hard drive in my mums laptop and it's fine I thinking it might be the GPU, what would I be looking at getting it repaired ? Thanks for any suggestions
  5. Coachman I can't message you back in reply to the message you sent to me as your inbox is full. ---------- Post added 18-09-2015 at 09:16 ---------- Coachman I have tried to reply to the message you sent but your inbox is full.
  6. Does anyone know the phone number for bet extra near Argos on market place in Sheffield can't seem to find it and asking on behalf of someone else thank you
  7. Does anyone have the windows vista home basic disc, that maybe I could borrow if close to S8 area, need to sort my mums laptop out but I didn't get a disc with it, I already have the Origional OEM code on the bottom of the laptop. Many thanks if anyone could help.
  8. Been with EE broadband 14 months and not had any problems with it and still get 10GB 4GEE data on my phone. Phone data had some probs with data being down but the broadband has been brilliant.
  9. Does anyone know if they are having a Fireworks ? display and what date? Thanx
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