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  1. Thanks very much for this help Max. I was hoping for some way to reach Joe. Cheers, Mike ---------- Post added 09-11-2018 at 10:29 ---------- Hi Folks, Thanks in general to all the people who tried to help. Mission now accomplished and Joe Blow is in hand. Cheers, Mike
  2. Thanks for this suggestion Shefflich but I find only professional type links for Lucy re jobs etc but a good idea. I think I'll try calling a few secondhand bookstores in Sheffield and see what transpires form that. Cheers, Mike
  3. Hi folks. I am trying to find where to buy a copy of this book, "Joe Blow" by Joe Ashton. I use to live on the edge of Attercliffe, technically Darnall on Chelmsford St before they demolished it to build a sports Stadium and have been in Toronto, Canada since 1968. This book seems to have been only available at The Star's book shop on York St but that seems to be dead as it's Website is gone and it's telephone number gives a peculiar message "A pound , a pound - put in a pound..". It seems to think I am in a telephone box.No luck trying to reach a human at The Star or leave a message and get an answer! I am not looking for a freebie, quite prepared to pay a cost plus postage. Ta in advance, here's hoping. Cheers, Mike Fisher
  4. Thanks for the photo of the School. It looks a lot cleaner than my day! What is it used for these days, do you know? I have heard it is used as a Mosque or even has an Indian restaurant in it but that part doesn't appear that way. Cheers, Mike Fisher
  5. Sorry Jack. I don't recall either you or Ted. Could be my memory is fading faster than I thought!
  6. Many thanks Chris, got it via Jazzer's link. As you say it could be a spat between Yahoo and gmail causing your post not to be accepted. Mike
  7. Thanks Chris. It hasn't shown up so far, stuck in the Net I guess. Mike
  8. Thanks so much for that. As soon as I saw Burley I remembered the name! Mike
  9. Thanks for the quick reply Brooksy, I'd forgotten the cobblers, jogged the old memory. Mike
  10. I used to go to Woodbourn Rd School and also lived on Chelmsford Street at 136. I left the school in 1954 I think and then went to the Central Tech. I just posted a message asking for pictures around Chelmsford Street and area and the School.
  11. Hi folks, I used to live on Chelmsford Street at 136 and attend Woodbourn Road School which is now a Mosque I believe. Can anyone point me to photographs of either the School or Chelmsford Street please? Additionally, close by on Woodbourn Road there was a Fishmongers near the junction with Worthing Road , this same junction having a fairly large shop which sold everything in the food line as I recall and stretched around the corner it was on. I am particularly interested in the Fishmongers as grandparents used to live nearby and would like to know it's name and street number if possible. I assume it is no longer present? Any photographs of shops around this junction would also be very welcome to add to the family history. I do know that Chelmsford Street was demolished when the new sports centre was built in that area. All the best from an ex-Sheffielder now in Toronto, Canada soon to revisit briefly in Sheffield and Rotherham. regards, Mike Fisher
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