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  1. Hi Buggy Bootcamp has started at hillsborough Park Thursdays 10-10.45am run by Midwife and specialist antenatal and postnatal personal trainer. No class during half term. Meet in the car park opposite the leisure centre. See website for more details including screening forms.
  2. A fantastic way to improve your Postnatal Fitness Fun fitness friendship Some of you may be looking at spicing up your exercise routine? Come along with or with out your babies/toddlers in their prams and have a go at trying something different which I hope will spur you on to continue to enjoy exercise. The venues: Monday & Wednesday Millhouses Park meet at the car park at the end of the park (closest to Beauchief Hotel) 10 -10.45am. Thursdays join us at Hillsborough Park 10-10.45am meet at the car park opposite the leisure centre We will be doing a 45min Postnatal focused session aimed at increasing cardiovascular fitness, toning exercises working the arms legs and abdominals and Learning about the importance of postural awareness to help reduce muscular tension and improve core stability. If you are bringing babies we will be incorporating prams and other equipment. It is therefore important to be able to securely fasten your baby / little one safely. If you have friends and family who may wish to join in, the more the merrier, but they will need to come early to fill out the screening forms. Please wear appropriate clothes for the weather, bring a towel, gloves or a small blanket and you will need to bring your own drinks. After the class you can all enjoy the fine coffee in the cafe! (no cake though!) Take care Spread the word Led by Experienced Midwife, Personal Trainer, specialist Antenatal/postnatal instructor.
  3. Many mums prior to becoming pregnant participate in regular exercise - why give up when you are pregnant? The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists suggests that: All women should be encouraged to participate in aerobic and strength-conditioning exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle during their pregnancy. RCOG statement No.4 2006 Research over the years has highlighted many benefits to exercising during pregnancy if your pregnancy is low risk. Some of the positives may include.... ~ A sense of wellbeing and confidence in changing body shape. ~ Relief from some of the common ailments in pregnancy, backache, varicose veins, tiredness, leg swelling. ~ Can reduce feelings of stress, anxiety and depression. ~ Helps prepare for the physical challenge of labour. ~ There is even evidence that suggests that women who exercise during pregnancy tend to have shorter labour time and fewer delivery complications (Clapp JF 1992) Keep Mums Fit is now in its 7 year of providing SAFE effective Midwife led exercise classes for beginners and current exercisers. The class not only provides exercise - meeting like minded women is a great way to forge lasting friendships giving much needed support at a time of great change. following the class we discuss many aspects of pregnancy, labour and the postnatal period. we participate in: ~breathing techniques ~massage ~labour dance ~Relaxation ~Stretch ~Pelvic Floor exercise and much more - regular speakers attend to help prepare you both physically and mentally on this special journey. If you would like to know more, need advise on how to safely exercise, during or after your pregnancy please contact me. I will email you ASAP. All details can be found on my website. _______ http://www.keepmumsfit.com http://www.katecampbellprofessionalfitness.com
  4. I agree with above....functional multi directional exercises, squats, lunges strengthen the legs and muscles for walking. Another great way to improve walking fitness and stamina is including different levels of walking. Level 1:strolling short strides, arms by side, chatting. Level 2:longer strides, arms propelling forward 90o faster pace. Level 3: almost Olympic! ( hip swinging action) To progress add hills, fast walk to tree then recovery walk to next and so on.
  5. Did you have any luck? Which area are you looking at training?
  6. I teach Zumba classes in S11 and have mums and daughters who come along, they love it. http://www.katecampbellprofessionalfitness.com
  7. New course starting this Wednesday 20th February at Ecclesall Parish Church Hall Ringinglow Road S11 7PP.....There are only a few places left at the 7pm class. 7.30pm FULLY BOOKED. LADIES Are you up for a New Year Challenge? Want to lose inches? tone up? Get Fitter? this fantastic NEW 321 exercise programme will give you a FULL Body workout in just 30 minutes. Using your body weight and hand held weights, you can transform your body in just 6 weeks, see your stamina increase, your muscle tone improve and your waistline reduce. £25 for six classes. contact me ASAP
  8. Hi, your community Midwife will be able to give you the dates of the AN classes running in community or you can attend either Jessop wing if you are having your baby there or another unit. Theses are informative and will give you a good knowledge base as will the NCT classes. With many years of Experience and listening to what couples want to learn, I am starting a NEW and exciting 4 hour workshop called: 'Skills for Birth and parenthood'. The aim is to make the session fun and informative, to help mums and partners prepare physically and mentally for labour and beyond.... - learn powerful & effective skills to help you through labour pain - Vital information & practical ideas to help you on the day - find out how your partner can help & can work as a team -make friends & build a support network -share stories, knowledge, encouragement & enthusiasm Saturday 9th March at Trinity United Reformed Road 12.30-4.30pm limited numbers - as this is a Trial the price will be £30 per couple contact me for further information
  9. Thank you katie B 23 and Afaaq. The event was great and everyone that came enjoyed the recipes and health games.
  10. Hi lollipop. Thank you that will be great. I've got some fab friends who are happy to bake. Will be nice if you could join us. :-)
  11. So far Bluegirlblue - I am totally amazed by the lack of support for a great way of continuing to eat foods we like. I take it you have no good ideas re healthy foods and Don't wish to help! Some people are willing to share ideas, help and support. With this being a food group it would have been much appreciated. Many people enjoy creating different recipes and are happy to help. By the response of some, you included i feel upset and deflated. With or without help by the foodie group - my event will be fun, informative and with the support of others - my competition will be a success. As for being cheeky - grow up! I genuinely thought people would support and give advice.
  12. You are in the minority, thank goodness - and personally i think it is very rude and unnecessary. I have been made aware by others, this is a habit of yours, therefore I will not be replying to any further of your nasty posts.
  13. I can see by the 2 negative posts you have posted about me personally, that you obviously have a lot of spare time on your hands and like to criticise others. The job I do is to care, support and bring new life into the world. Very rewarding and satisfying.( does it matter if I get the odd spelling wrong?) I wonder what job you do? People skills is obviously not your strong point?
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