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  1. I heard that it happened last night (Friday) and that someone from the Red Lion (ie big bloke) intervened. I think quite a few were arrested but then again it's all here say.
  2. I heard that 2 middle aged men and a 70 year old got beaten up and mugged at Gleadless Townend. Anyone know if this is true?
  3. All the lights dipped here in S8 over an hour ago but only for a few seconds.
  4. Nice at the weekend though. Really enjoying the banter here!
  5. Rant on! Get it off your chest! These are not naughty kids they are thugs. It will take a generation to sort this problem out. No matter how much money you throw at it. Education, stability and knowing you will get punished for doing wrong is what's needed.
  6. Can't say too much but believe me you would be scared, you would be hurt and you would be humiliated. You certainly wouldn't be able to blink your eyelids. However I do agree perhaps Mike would be able to sort them out and bite an ear or two. the psychology bit wouldn't work.
  7. Take packing up - or try the shop opposite the peace gardens in town great coffee and wonderful sarnis.
  8. I heard the gangs hanging around S8 are 14 to 19 but it doesn't matter if you're Mike Tyson when your surrounded by 15 - 20 youths you don't stand a chance. I wonder how many of them would have gone 1 - 1? Not a chance! Cowards - I never thought I would say this but I wish we could have some sort of public humiliation so they got a taste of what they put their victims through.
  9. Really sorry to hear about your son. Was he one of the unfortunate random attacks that took place on Good Friday? They are running wild - someone knows who they are and they can prevent it happening again by saying something (annonymously).
  10. The police know what happened on Good Friday but yes you are right we must report every incident ie Derbyshire Lane. I think this gang have been dispersed from Geadless Valley originally.
  11. I lived in Norton Lees and never had any trouble from the gangs that used to hang around the shops but this is far more sinister. Please make no mistake they will end up killing someone.
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