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  1. The socialist party are supporting this dispute. Comments like yours are unhelpful, when you clearly have no understanding of the reason behind the strike. Skilled or unskilled, these workers are being exploited, it certainly is not about being lazy, it's about the working terms, diabolical pay and conditions that these hapless workers face on a daily basis to not only clear everyone else's rubbish but to make profits for the council whilst working for the minimum wage themselves at times of high unemployment, when they are forced in to this menial kind of labour.
  2. Bizarrely, the Hallam University student government have yet to echo the concerns that students have about this man. Very confusing. In response to the above comment, I would like to say:::: I am the chair of the Social Work Society at SHU and I am currently supporting the LGBT society to try and get this meeting overturned. It is oppressive and I don't believe that SHU should be giving a forum to this preacher of hate. I am not condemniing Islam per se, just the oppressive nature of the talk.
  3. Hi animal lovers!! Does anyone know anyone who would like the occasional free dog walk, maybe once or twice a week? I have a 12 year old who is still distressed at the loss of our old dog who died a year ago. We really can't get another one because we're just not indoors enough, but we would love an opportunity to still go for walks at weekends or after school. I know there are normally issues with insurance and CRB's. I have an enhanced CRB myself and would obviously be accompanying my daughter. I live in the Crookes area of Sheffield. I was dog waalking at Rotherham dog rescue but it is such a treck over there and we would prefer somewhere a little more local. Any advice appreciated, Thankyou Bridget Rose
  4. Anyone heard of a murder this weekend, round S6, maybe not far from Burgoyne road??
  5. Just got back from site of destruction,I was a lone protester but got interviewed by South African Journal. Mindless destruction. A historical and powerfully memorable night. The ******** blowing up the cultural heritage of the city. I urge you all to boycott E.On. My banner read E.On, F.Off in case anyone noticed....
  6. Are there any protest groups? It is definitely this sunday morning, thousands expected and meadowhall are opening car parks. Boycott them as well as E.on and powergen then. Don't anyone bother with unkind sarcastic replies, have had enough of these from husband.Considering chaining myself to the motorway but he said he'll do that for me!!!!
  7. Are there any dogs that need walking in or around Woodhouse, either rescue or at home? Our eight year old daughter is desperate for a dog but we can't have one as we have too many cats and rabbbits, that run free indoors and out. A dog would not fit in to this house, unfortunately, but doesn't stop the young children wanting one. So, next best thing, can we borrow someone else's? Obviously, children would be accompanied by adult at all times, (crb checked) Anyone got any advice, please????
  8. Just after my daughter was born, one of our cats, Tony Adams, used to go and lie on her and we were always pulling him off. Then on the date of what would have been my mother in laws birthday, he stared through the window obsessively, we couldn't get him to move, but eventually at the exact same time as my daughter birth, we heard a car screech outside our window and our cat,Tony Adams, had been killed. At the time, we had 8 other cats, none of the others showed any interest in getting in the cot, and coincidence or not, I believe to this day, that it was the ghost of my daughters gran who he saw, that later that night, saved her life by taking his. Exact same times and dates and very bizarre cat behaviour. YES THEY CAN SEE GHOSTS!!!!!!
  9. Downstairs lav, so no, not unless it travels upwards, (as diarrhoea so often doesn't!) Interesting thought, never the less!
  10. Same happened to me with an escaped hamster some years ago, but worse than floorboards, had got into the oven!!!! Done a check on all others family pets and they all present and correct, so think it must be a mouse. Windows open it is then. Ta
  11. Try the last film show at meadowhall down the lanes,
  12. Can anyone offer any advice? We've got a foul smell in our bedroom that is distinctive of a dead mouse. Presume its under the floorboards or in a wall cavity. Does anyone know if breathing in fumes can make you ill? We've got tummy bugs and feel rubbish, is there a connection? Also, how's the best way to get rid of the smell, will it go soon, or do we have to rip up boards? anyone with similar experience, please......
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