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  1. Hi Jack Mr Wilson might have been a top bloke he still made me climb the flippin ropes in the hall I say climb no way haha Chris H
  2. I remember Mrs Bartlett as well she also looked after us girls !!
  3. Youngsters thank you John I wish ! we went to Carter Knowle for domestic science with Mrs Langley she was strict and then after that when we could be trusted haha we went to Duchess Rd for domestic science .
  4. I was there at the same time came from Carter Knowle after the 11 plus Christine Harrison Hello Anne
  5. There was also weight training ,squats and other things jumping up and down on the wooden benches and running round the hall , happy days ,,,,,,, not !!!!!!
  6. Hello There is another post on here about Abbeydale Secondary which is interesting .I left in 1965 a very long time ago ,I remember Mr Wilson very well we used to do circuit training after school as we were in the netball team .climbing those ropes or trying to >>>> what that had to do with netball I will never know disaster !!!!!
  7. Hi There are a number of people who have Mary in their trees on Ancestry but none have a death date or any other information ,thank you for your reply its much appreciated
  8. I know this is a long shot my uncle was at DLS it is a long time ago his name was James Linton I think he was there in the early 50s ? Thanks for reading my post Christine
  9. Marys parents were William and Alice ,they lived at Carr Bank Villas in Sheffield near Hangingwater Rd this is the info on the 1939 Register and Mary is on the register age 27.Marys dob was 30/12/1912 .I have tried Find my Past but I still cant find her Thankyou both for your replies its much appreciated Chris
  10. Hello, I have come to a brick wall in my family history ,I am searching for Mary Harrison b1912 in Sheffield she is still living in Sheffield in 1939,she joined the ATS in WW2 I have a photo of her in uniform, after that she seems to have disappeared If anyone has any ideas where she could have been or decsendants of Mary please get in touch Thank you Christine
  11. My dad was also a collector for Claytons when they were o Cumberland Way Pipsmum
  12. :help:Hi Jack I also wondered about Myra I haven't heard about her since I left I 1965.I remember her having 4 sisters ? Maybe someone will see your post and ,answer your question ,hope you are keeping wel Regards Christine Harrison
  13. Thankyou for your reply Pipsmum:roll:
  14. Hi Karen My Arthur lived at Fulwood he was married to Elizabeth Harrison (my great aunt) Elizabeth d 1988 I am not quite sure when Arthur died without looking at my paperwork ,but it doesnt look like the same Arthur so sorry ,keep hunting if I can help in anyway please let me know Pipsmum:roll:
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