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  1. looks like a few need a bit of humble pie staying put for another season but it made for good reading so much speculation utb
  2. i say give him a chance yes we are champions and played well the side is good 1 signing surely carnt ruin that .i work with plenty of town fans and they are all of the same mind set he would have scored more playing with a good team around him.let him get fit and keep him fit and if he get a handful of goals surely it can be a good return for 500k
  3. nip over to clumber park worksop went a few years ago had a dozen or so smallest 9lb biggest just under 14lb
  4. i run a fishery and we are affiliated to the angling trust i for 1 am glad of this as if we have any problems with our legal obligations of our fishery we are protected .the normal everyday angler doesnt see that side of it and some probably never will theres always different angles to look at it .i also buy my license every year and i course fish and carp fish if i need to by a 3 rod license i would without moaning about it .if the cost puts a lot of people off then i hope they dont go moaning if they get caught at probably under a £1 a week you will always get some apposed to it.as for the single option it may well have been a good idea,but a lot of people would have still bent the rules and stuck another rod out we all know it happens.i see it first hand most days on the fishery i run
  5. hi i have a nice medium size black cage that would suit either bird £20 if any good
  6. the small duck pond with the island in the middle 10 inch deep on one side 3 to 4 foot on other full of geese not worth the money used to be day ticket and not worth that dont listen to the stories of big fish in there not big enough not deep enough.£150 they must be mad
  7. think clinton woods still got a place on halfway
  8. a lot of general anglers always seem to complain about the cost of the licence and always moan when an increase is added .i run a fishery and the amount of help the ea would give to us is great they are always on hand to advise they can source plants and all manner of vegetation for our fishery at little or no cost they are even willing to drain our fishery take all fish and look after them then bring back health checked free of charge if we need it ,they all so do a lot more besides so i for one will never knock the cost of a licence
  9. great signing for the blades brayford good to see the club making the right moves for once instead of players going the other way .also if COG is a done deal shows some ambition is there to get out the league.i have no doubt brayford would walk into most championship sides and be at home but hes made is choice to come back to BDTBL .whats funny is listening to owls comments about him on here when a little while ago when he was on loan with us and played in the odd televised game they where saying hes quality and to good to be playing in league 1 now hes this hes that but at least hes red and white
  10. great i best come and fetch some then this week thanks
  11. is there any free bark chippings available thanks rob
  12. badgers are a hot topic i think at the moment with the spreead of TB
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