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  1. She begged and begged for those on Win gardens who would rather buy a big TV than go out to work and pay for house insurance:loopy:
  2. Yes but what did she do?, I rode my bike all around delivering food and blankets to family and friends who were stuck in traffic and flowing water for hours . I travelled through some of the fastest waters and risked my life to help others. I waded through water neck deep to carry 3 school kids (1 at a time)who were stuck down wooleywood bottom bridge, and I never asked anyone for money to repair my bike when it got flooded. But then again if you ask enough people to give money to those who didnt have insurance you are sure to get an MBE
  3. It does seam like the youth has gone off the rails, but what can we expect when parents are not allowed to give the kids a good crack when they are doing wrong, it just sends the message to the kids that they can do whatever they like and screw the consequences
  4. Is he a friend of your or something!, I personally could not give a toss if he was blind and brain damaged, let the scum die in a ses pit for all I care. My thoughts are more with the lady he murdered and her family. Him I feel nothing for and if he was to be publicly skinned alive I would pay to watch it:rant:
  5. Ripping his leg and hand off would have been more like it. then shoving them up his a***
  6. Try driving at 56 mph as cars are usualy designed for that speed/economy
  7. Bring back the death penalty, these "things" and the young black kid who killed the pensioner at Arborthorne should not be allowed to live. 12 years and 5 years, Ha what a joke this legal system is. If I am ever fortunate enough to meet any of these people I cannot say I would not kill them myself, Id proberly get 30 years for it though. EYE FOR AN EYE
  8. I have a house in Spain just outside Barcelona if that will do you 3 bed, 3 bath, pool bbq area if that is any good
  9. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.
  10. He is not fooling himself, the vans have been there for around 14 years now and still people go back, we even used to have people come every year because they liked what they got. At first some things tap lots used to be way over priced but now they are getting better value for money. The ones that complain all the time are the ones that never get the PSP's for a fiver then they shout rip off.
  11. They never say that, that would be restricting the sale and the TS who are nearly always watching would have them for it.
  12. It was Matalan in SHEFFIELD also, I just noticed the parkgate bit
  13. HA you can think!!!!!! give us another 1, I didnt know thinking was in your grasp yet as reading definitely is NOT:loopy:
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