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  1. For occasional work here and there . Mostly rented property internal and external for small self employed local business . All local work
  2. Can anyone recommend a good roofer to quote for a new roof on my semi at Lodgemoor
  3. Hi i live in the sheffield 10 area and looking for someone to give me a quote to remove the existing lead from two dormer windows that i have and replace them with fibre glass. Can anyone give me a recommendation.
  4. does anybody know how to get cement off block paving. Just had some steps built( great) but cement on paving, tried jet washing.
  5. Hi thanks for your mesage, regarding tuition extra. unfortunately nobody seems to know anything about them, do you have a number for them. If you do that would be great and would really help me out
  6. Hi can anyone recommend a maths tutor in the sheffiled 10 area for a y11 currently at tapton school
  7. I would like to recommend Leigh Glazing at Lodgemoor . His name is greg he replaced some double glazed units for me , reasonable price , very clean and tidy. He is also a joiner and is shortly fitting us a door. You can contact him on 0114309123, really nice guy. not many about.
  8. I have just registered with the forum , and would like to alter my on screen name .anybody know how to do it ?
  9. I would like to recommend a glazier, i have recently used . Leigh Glazing at Lodge moor, Cheaper than most, very clean and tidy, ist class job.
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