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  1. I didn't think it looked that much safer from the tunnel, although the 2 groups only shouted at each other instead of killing each other
  2. it's an old joke that's been doing the rounds on the net for a while http://dogtoe.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/01/arguing_on_the_internet.jpg
  3. someone talking sense, I can't belive it
  4. they've done it 5 times (not for over 90 years though) which looks good, until you realise that we've done it twice as many times
  5. only one wednesday player was on par with the united side, and sometimes maybe even better, and he was the man between the sticks, I must admit I have seen Lee Grant play a few times this season and he's managed to get wednesday points when they should have been battered (such as at home to barnsley) so credit to lee grant, and thank you to the defender that put beat's goal into the back of the net after grant had strugled to keep it out
  6. still a good game though, I can't believe that FC managed to score a couple
  7. I work on the bottom of gangway C on the away end, so you'll see me there, I'll be the giant forced to sit on the tinyist of chairs
  8. nah, I want them to stay down here, because they're starting to take off up the table again
  9. 1. will people stop using the word pigs, cops don't play football 2. despite being a blade I would enjoy wednesday staying in the championship 3. I would also love barnsly to stay down 4. I would love for doncaster and rotheram to make it to the championship and 5. it'd also be fun if Leeds made it up here (can't belive I said that) just think, one of the greatest pleasures in football is seeing your team give another local team a good thumping, so the more yorkshire clubs in one league the better as far as I'm concerned, and hull is close too but I refuse to call the humberside region "east yorkshire"
  10. what he doesn't remember is that wednesday havn't done the "dubble" in 94 years and that yet again wednesday managed a second goal because despite being out played by united again, they managed to get bodies behind the ball and scored from a quick counter, and the reason they won at home is because robson played the wrong formation for the first half and by the time he realised it was too late so wednesday managed a second goal whilst united were trying to catch the game here's a little fact for you, wednesday havn't done the double over united in 94 years because they havn't won at the lane since then, united havn't done it in 2 years, because we were a league above last season and had a retard in charge for most of this season, the good news is that united are still above on wins and were the winners in the greatest thumping of all derby day history, a 7-3 victory, which coincidently is the same as the "boxing day masacre" which also happened before most fans were born
  11. Who else is going to be there this sunday as the oldest club in football once again return to the lane to play against a world class opponent that they will surely never beat
  12. blade for life mate, I just really can't see the point in starting an argument online, rise above it because it just seems daft getting worked up about an insult you recived online
  13. we're now starting to tackle a serious issue, and the question must be asked, are we ready to be serious about anything other than football on here
  14. no, they were just the people stupid enough to cheer for wednesday on the kop
  15. I can't belive some 'tard decided to stop giving them upstairs and thought "oh, I know, I put people who hate them there instead"
  16. the wednesday fans were smoking on the stands, but with how p**sed off they were I wasn't stopping them
  17. solid blade, calm it, you're on about 2 people who'd you not even recognise if you met them just remember, arguing on the internet is like running in the special olympics, even if you win you're still retarded
  18. I was working at the wednesday match today and I must say they were very unlucky not to have won that match, they owned the second half and despite the difficult conditions it looked like they should have scored 3 or 4, but, it doesn't mean I'm not happy about the results today, 3 in 3 for billy sharp and we're getting on a serious roll these days and we're starting to shape up nicely, now we have to stay up, surely c'mon you blades, promotion in 2009
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