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  1. SHEFFIELD THE CITY OF SPORT First we (they) knock down our athletics stadium and now this shambles I wouldn't trust this council to run a bloody bath.
  2. Just arrived home to find a load of effin and jeffin on our road and two guys frogmarching someone along the road back to the incident.
  3. Just found this again. What is the difference between a taxi with one person in it and me trying to get to work?
  4. A mile is a mile if it's in a bus lane or not.
  5. It's ok mate. Can you tell I drive around the city a lot and often get annoyed by taxis?
  6. I have no problem with buses getting priority but don't see why taxis do when the people in them are basically doing the same as I am.
  7. use bus lanes? I understand people (usually 1 customer) are paying a taxi to take them out/to work etc. but I'm sat queueing in traffic, taking longer than I should using my fuel. So why? + I don't drive like a complete moron, do u-turns anywhere I feel, park up in the middle of a main road to let people out etc. etc. etc.
  8. No contract. It was a private booking through Owners Direct
  9. It was a security deposit. The only incident was a drinking glass that was damaged. We replaced it with a set of 3 glasses. We have phoned the mobile number and spoken to the Mother of the woman who rents it. The owner refuses to speak to us or answer any correspondance.
  10. Last July/August we rented a villa in Spain. The owner was extremely helpful before the holiday but has not returned our deposit and has ignored all our emails. Owners Direct basically do not want to know as they just advertise the properties and do not take bookings. Is there anything we can do?
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