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  1. women dressed as traffic wardens
  2. I have always wanted to be a breast surgeon
  3. she walks like she don't care walking on imported air ohhhhhhhhhh you got to seeeeeeeeee herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Mariaaaaaaaaaaaa
  4. don't be too hard on your self looks arnt everything
  5. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=dwUznBTXWJU THE END
  6. This is the world we live in Shouting some one to jump in a situation as that I would like to push those off shouting it with my own bare hands and would not even blink after doing it Very sad indeed had all his life before him The family will be even more devstated when they hear the circumtances around his death
  7. Fair enough we are all different and it is that what makes the world go round and such forums continue with debates
  8. who cares alien get what you can out of this life
  9. Think what you want am sure he does not need to justify himself to you some one who has all the prospects of a toilet roll
  10. Not me then My downfall i know probably y i live on the bread line catch bus and work for national minimum wage live in a council house Mite as well become honest from now on
  11. No it is only right my good lady No one is perfect i would of kept it maybe makes me dishonest and a bad person but like i said earlier Better to be hated for what you are than loved for somthing you are not
  12. Can believe you personally would look like a very honest fine lady
  13. :hihi: Hope it doesn't happen again this weekend God works in mysterious ways
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