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  1. roughly how much to fit a complete new loft hatch access kit thanks in advance
  2. Hi long shot but did anyone witness a accident on white lane today between 9.30 and 10am silver honda pulled out into our red avio, although the driver has admitted it was his fault gave details ect, it would be good if we could get a witness to this, there was a few people waiting for tram ect but we didn't get to them befor they went thanks in advance
  3. hi there is a burst water mains in the booking office area, tickets can be purchased off the revenue officers.
  4. hi i moved to mosborough just over a year ago now, round the corner from where your looking, i've found it a lovely place to live, as for it being rough i think del boy must be pulling your plonker or he's getting it mixed up with westfield, good luck
  5. As was aied on look north the other night, the raids on sheffield were terror raids, the steelworks etc were secondary targets. The primary objective was the civillian population.
  6. Get your facts right . yes there are they were left there as it was decided at the time that it would be too difficult to remove them.
  7. hi all, thanks for your input, had a quick look round the area today, and it does look very nice.
  8. hi all can anybody tell me what mosborough is like, i know theres an old thread on here but that was 2007, thanks in advance
  9. hi have checked, 06.47 arrive 07.34, 07.41 arrive 08.32, 07.25 arrive 08.39, this is all to east mids parkway and then shuttle from there, if you let me know what time you travel i could get a better time line for you
  10. there should be a train straight from sheffield to east midlands, will double check for you
  11. hi i live in woodhouse, have a 3 bed semi, with seperate lounge, dinning room, kitchen, dg, gch, large back garden needs some tlc, am in process of getting this done, small front garden, close to local schools, shops, and good transport links. am wanting a 3/4 bed house with drive if possible or space to make one, if 3 bed then need seperate lounge/ dinning room. most areas considered.
  12. hi have you bidded on a property, if so they will want to inspect your house for any alterations so that if need be they will have to be put right ie, say you have changed the light fittings they would want the white dangly ones put back. these inspections are done i believe every six months if they are going to offer you a property hope this helps
  13. hi as i came past in the car about 3pm there was 1 fire engine but did'nt see any smoke ect, and kids just walking home as normal.
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