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  1. i think Bartfarst used to regularly shoot and eat squirrels.
  2. Warden, you are right. Paedo's, gays and muslims seem to be the main topic of conversation on here. Interestingly enough as you also say, the threads are the same each time and equally the mods approach to them ; anyone who seems in favour of them gets sided with and anyone who suggests otherwise gets warned off, banned or worse. It makes you wonder at times.....and its no wonder some people do post just to get certain people biting as they are so predictable.
  3. from my mother.........how to wash the pots right and independance from my dad ....... how to duck right leads....a most valuable lesson from my grandad......how to grow vegetables and most importantly how to know when something or someone is right or not....
  4. isn't the thing a member on here as well? hopefully he'll catch a ban for it for the sake of the advertisers?
  5. He probably does on a regular basis hence his knowledge on the probability etc in his experience blah blah
  6. been on the news - three youngsters left home whilst the mother goes off abroad to get married? the husband's gonna get a bit of shock when they return ; if they do. I'm surprised there's not a thread on this....then again perhaps not in the circumstances.
  7. whats the self-improvement value of starving yourself all day then scoffing all night to make up for it?
  8. Did you not try it before you bought it? seems an obviously test before parting with the cash?
  9. As I understood it, if people are hungry and have food they should eat irrespective of the time of the day / position of the sun, that seems common sense. I understand the religious keenies amongst us might do it as protest? (eg look at us we're different) and it is interesting that despite fasting themselves all the takeaway chicken and kebab houses on the wicker are open for business which makes it all seem a tad hypocritical to me?
  10. a bit of wind and rain and they all panic...
  11. I did wonder if that was the real reason behind the suggestion? I bet they don't pay staff for working through their lunch.
  12. Went to Scarborough for the day on Saturday. It was sunny warm and absolutely heaving with people. There has been much talk of the english seaside being dead these days but it was packed and everyone seemed to be having a good time and no gangs of yobs either. One downside, 40p to use the loo's and they were filthy.
  13. I see some council is suggesting that all their employees should fast muslim or not during the period? Nice idea but not very workable if you're diabetic I would have thought?
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