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  1. Thanks but there are 2 suitcases full and we all don’t have room for them! I was going to photograph them in date order for nostalgia but don’t really want to keep them!
  2. My died died recently and had loads of shields with metal plaques that he won over the years. Any ideas as to how I can recycle/dispose of them please?
  3. Can anyone recommend a firm to take 6 people to Manchester airport please.
  4. I was sent an email from Motorpoint Arena advising me that I had priority booking for the Girls Aloud concert because I had previously booked to see them and could book on Thursday before they went on sale on Friday. I phoned on the Thursday from 9am for about an hour before I got through and was told the best available seats were in a block just before the back of the Arena. I booked them but then was furious to discover that a friend booked the next day and got the block right next to the stage! I emailed Customer Services at the Arena and the response was that they only had a finite number of tickets that they were allowed to sell on the presale day. Other tickets were then released on the Friday and that the priority was in being able to get a ticket a day early, and therefore stand more chance of getting a ticket than if waited for the general on sale day. I think that I was mislead into thinking that when I phoned up, I was getting the best available tickets left because the rest of the seats had already been sold, not that there would be better seats available if I waited until Friday. In future I'll take my chances and book on the actual day of the release!
  5. I would recc UK Bullion on Ecc Rd too. I sold an old wedding ring and got £40!
  6. I heard that the new 'cheese grater' car park opp the new fire station is only £3.50 for the whole day! Cheaper than a return ticket on the bus!
  7. Try Ecclesall Woods sawmill- if they don't have some they might know where to get it.
  8. The farm at Hangram Lane, turn right on Ringinglow Road before you get to the Norfolk Arms. We got ours from there last year and it was gorgeous. Also ordered a ham which was fab! They also sell fresh eggs and veg and are very helpful and prices reasonable.
  9. I agree- the council have again not listened to what we need! I have been using the green bags for my garden rubbish and in the summer I can usually fill 6 of these every two weeks. Obvioulsy other people are doing the same as the pavements around this area in particular have been littered with green bags awaiting collection and it looks a real mess! I can also easily fill my blue paper bin once a month so I am sure the new 'box' will not be adequate. I have to go to recyle plastics, glass, tins etc once a fortnight and take about 4 boxes full so the new service will be woefully inadequate for my recycling needs and we are only a family of 3!
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