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  1. I can answer why the arrested person was released.its because he was white,the desription by at least 5witnesses including my self was of a mixed race man.although police still not been cid have phoned.and what some people say they would do if someone pulled an axe on them and what they would do is tottally differant,believe me
  2. This is no rumour.i was the person that had a hatchet pulled on me.and the police have been totally useless regarding this.although the police came out that night(bank holiday monday)no has been to take a oficial statement from me or my partner who actually caught him in house.also the police have been repeatedly told about cctv footage of the guy and not even bothered to come to look.also the events happened on holgate cres,not rd
  3. I'm looking for a young/baby leopard gecko. I have all the tank set up and ready at a nice temperature (been set up and ready for 3 days) so just need the lizard. I know there are a few reptile shops that sell them but was wondering if anyone breads/sells them more locally to Parson Cross. thanks
  4. elaine is my dear mother,i will send u her number,sh e remembers you
  5. i attend the sort of gym your talking about,in s5.its open from 11am till 8pm,always have plenty of people in throughout the day,each paying a bargain price of 2.50 per session,i think you can also pay a membership fee of 25pound a year and this entitles you to just pay 6 pound a week after(rather than 2.50,per session)and as you say you can make more money by selling supplements.the gym i use sell loads of protein shakes for 1.50 a pint.good luck,hope it works out for you.
  6. perch on sweet corn ? thats a rare thing to happen isnt it? i think its happened to me just once before in many years fishing
  7. a few years back i took my son fishing in hillsborough park and was turned away from the main car park because of a match and ended up parking in the small car park just of middlewood rd.we had a great days fishing,but when we finished and walked back to my car it had been stolen !! i was fuming to say the least.if i was allowed to park in the main car park i could have kept an eye on my car,which when it was found in leeds was a total right off :rant:
  8. if you dont put a pic on, you are guaranteed to get someone asking for a pic so it's deffo best to put it on in first place if you can.
  9. i wouldnt say crookes is crap,just very hard ! sheffield canal provides some good carp fishing though.there is a sort of carp pond at high green called "nancey" but its only got them in upto about 10 pound and its only a tiny pond with about 8 peggs,its a very shallow water and i think this makes the fish fight really hard.it opened back up about 4 years ago and was stocked with 300 carp(doesnt sound many but it is a tiny pond)
  10. does loxley still have matches on at weekends?? and are the barbel been caught?
  11. thanks,i might give that a go next week,does it get matched up on weekends?? had a rubbish day on nancey today,froze my nuts off for one small carp,but thats fishing innit
  12. sorry to be nosey,but do u know any of elaine turtons family?? i only ask because my mum was called elaine turton before she married,just wondering if its the same woman
  13. good luck to all the lads at jubilee,rob should be very proud of himself for the hard work hes put in to the gym over the last few years
  14. just wondering what ponds are fishing well this year,ive only done pike fishing this year but with the warmer weather here i fancy a bit of coarse fishing
  15. thats the problem with ponds that are not manned(no bailiffs) crookes pond used to have some big perch over 3 pound !!! i find it hard to catch them over a few ounce now days. if people are going to take fish from these ponds do not let me see you doing it !!!
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