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  1. Thanks for your PMs everybody! Apologies for the delayed response - I've been in the middle of nowhere this weekend and not had great phone signal! I'll pin the hubby-to-be down to have a look at your websites and reply to you all ASAP! Thanks again! Em ? xxx
  2. Hi, We're getting married on 23 May next year and I still have quite a lot left to sort out - I have been looking at photographers, cakes and transport in the past few weeks but so far have found it all pretty overwhelming! We are trying to sell and buy a house and I'm moving jobs too in the next couple of weeks, so apologies for the mass amount of questions but I feel like i'm running out of time! We are having a pretty relaxed wedding and don't have a mega budget - we are having a church for the wedding itself and a very laid back reception in the city centre. I am hoping I can get some recommendations on here. A few more details (in case it helps!) Photographer - we are only wanting a photographer for the church, and possibly the first hour of the reception (I dont want getting ready pics or night-do pics) The church is in S6 and the reception is in the city centre - so approx 3 hours work on the day (obviously I know there is a lot more work done afterwards - I'm not saying it's only 3 hours work!) I think from the pics I've seen I generally like the more relaxed style of photography rather than very formal group pics. Cake - Will be for approx 60 people. Any recommendations would be great! Transport - I think we will want a couple of cars to get us (bride and bridesmaids, groom and best man) to the church but I fancy a vintage bus from the church to the reception for all the guests and us too (approx 7.5 miles). If anyone has a recommendation or can tell me an idea of the price they paid, that would be fab! Mega grateful for any help or advice anyone can give me xxx
  3. Hi, Has anyone on here been to a wedding reception, or even a large private party at the Wig and Pen in recent years? All the reviews i have read about it seem to be before the Milestone took it over. Grateful for any more recent reviews! Thanks
  4. Hello! Does anyone know the Christmas Opening Hours for collecting post at the Delivery Office on Capel Street near Hillsborough? My card doesn't have the extended times on but I'm sure they open later on the run up to Christmas. Cheers!
  5. I totally agree, we just completed on a house with Coates and couldn't recommend them enough! Very reasonably priced too, almost halved the quote we got from the Estate Agent's preferred solicitor
  6. Thanks all, you have been a great help! Will have a ring round tomorrow and see if I can get one booked Agent Orange - soz, didn't log on again till now or I would have bobbed over to see you :-(
  7. Thanks for the responses, I will have a ring round tonight. I'm hoping to be reasonably close to Sheffield so that some of my friends can get there by bus or train so the Bakewell one might be best for that *crosses fingers*
  8. Hello :-) I'm wanting to go camping for my birthday but am having trouble finding anywhere that will take a large group (even ones that say they will take a large group on their sites!! ) We are not a large rowdy group, just a few friends and family members and are happy to comply with any early quiet curfews as we will have little uns with us too! We just want to go somewhere pretty to have a walk, some nice food and a drink :-) Anybody out there got any suggestions? Any help is appreciated :-)
  9. Jack n Coke or a lovely pint of Moonshine :-)
  10. You can't get it. You have to hit targets weekly and you have to have a good attendance record or you go on to performance management and if you don't improve, you are dismissed - exactly the same as in the private sector.
  11. No, our disk drives are removed and USBs disconnected, there is limited internet access with all inappropriate sites (i.e most sites that aren't work related) blocked. Dunno what department you are working for but they obviously aren't as strict as mine! After 7 years of being in the civil service I can say they have had their moneys worth and more out of me and my colleagues.
  12. Playing computer games on government systems is impossible to my knowledge, virtually every non-work related site is blocked and everything you do is very closely monitored. Plus the targets are so high that there is no time to do that kind of thing even if you were inclined to. I'd love to know where people get these 'facts' from!
  13. Some departments of the Civil Service make money, some departments are self funding and also pay for other departments so that the public purse doesn't have to pay for it. So there is a loss of income there. Not all work can easily sit there for 2 days, some of it is highly urgent, it has an impact!
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