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  1. Aren't there tunnels through the Alps and another under the English Channel? They even built one under the Mersey about 80 years ago. It seems the victorians could even build railway lines between Sheffield and Manchester with the odd tunnel on the way.
  2. No one seems to have gone quieter than Ed Balls. He was the one saying our policies were all wrong and we should follow the lead of those in Europe. I think there are a lot of folk in France who voted for François Hollande and his spend your way out of recession policies who are now regretting that decision. http://www.businessinsider.com/france-returns-from-summer-holiday-to-a-stagnant-economy-record-unemployment-and-a-growing-deficit-2014-8 France Returns From Summer Holiday To A Stagnant Economy, Record Unemployment, And A Growing Deficit Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/france-returns-from-summer-holiday-to-a-stagnant-economy-record-unemployment-and-a-growing-deficit-2014-8#ixzz3AwnhXoei A stagnant economy, ballooning deficit, and sniping from within his own party ranks — President Francois Hollande faces a mountain of problems when French political life restarts after the long summer holidays. The government on Wednesday will hold its first cabinet meeting of what is known as the political "rentree," or return from holidays, just a week after the finance minister admitted the economy had "broken down," with zero growth over the past six months. Prime Minister Manuel Valls had already warned the autumn months would be "difficult," with France's unemployment at a record high and the European Union increasingly worried about the country's budget deficit. The government was forced to slash this year's growth forecast in half to 0.5 percent after figures showed the economy failed to grow in the second quarter after stagnating in the first three months. "A survey by polling institute IFOP in the Journal du Dimanche showed that more than eight in 10 French people had no confidence in the government when it came to economic growth, reducing the deficit, or fighting unemployment."
  3. If this forum is anything to go by success is something frowned upon in Sheffield. Jess Ennis fell out of favour once her success brought her rewards. A rich businessman bringing jobs to the city would be resented. I think buisnesses are set up in places where the entrepreneur would feel comfortable living.
  4. I think Rotherham and Sheffield Councils share a similar ideology.
  5. I think I'd rather be where we are with falling unemployment and strong growth that where the French are with rececission and high unemployment following a couple of years under that left wing idiot of theirs. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/economics/11036043/Top-of-the-world-UK-economy-winning-global-growth-race.html
  6. I think the media tip off is all part of the police tactics in these cases. Worryingly the predictable stream of folk making similar allegations against CR has begun on the back of this. It is fifficult to know whether these are genuine complaints or folk jumping on the bandwagon but it alarms me how our justice system seems to handle these cases.
  7. It is systematic of what is happening all over the middle eat. There was a time when the area of Palestine included Hebrews, Christians and many other religions. Now the word Palestinian has been hijacked to mean Muslim. The Islamists want nothing less than an Islamic State from Afghanistan to Senegal where no one other than Muslims are allowed to exist. There are a few states, particularly Israel that stand in their way. Unfortunately the ruthless dictators who kept these folk in check have been deposed and their brutal regimes have been replaced with far more brutal bloothirsty and intollerant ones.
  8. I can't imagine how anyone who isn't on the council could think this a smart idea or a proper use for our parks.
  9. There is a big sign saying the money from car parking is invested in the park. I wonder if that means 1% is invested and 99% is skimmed off. These guys aren't to be trusted with a charities money.
  10. You know when you go to the Lav and have a number 2. Afterwards you flush and it's gone. Over the years this has proved to be a good plan. In Victorian times before the flush toilet, excrement would fester for weeks in earth closets. This was the main reason for cholera and other eppidemics that shortened life expectancy in Sheffield to around 30. Since those times folk have generally thought that leaving faeces kicking around for days on end wasn't a great idea.
  11. That's a good question. In most cities dog owners are requested to clear up the doggy doos from the parks, stick it in a plastic bag and take it away. In Sheffield it seems the council takes doggy doos, puts tons of it into plastic bags and puts it into their parks. The TV companies are going to love this. Look North is based in Leeds. They'll be down here like a shot for this one.
  12. stop moaning ---------- Post added 07-07-2014 at 16:35 ---------- Well listening to the ITV commentators they seemed to think the run down from Holme Moss took the tour past Ladybower, and that was the reservoir where the Dambusters practiced. Mind you they said earlier in the day that the route went over The Strines.
  13. He had a point. But with no sign of Sevenstone getting back on track he clearly made the right choice. The problem remains that when established traders move from an area their customers do as well. If Sevenstones ever does get backing it will take a lot of convincing folks to move to the area which, like Haymarket, shows every sign of terminal decline. ---------- Post added 30-06-2014 at 23:58 ---------- Hells bells. This is the city centre. Takeaways are hardly high end retailers. At least the pound shops offered something for sale that gave folk an incentive to come into the city.
  14. You have backed yourself into a corner haven't you and are now desperate to try to rubbish anyone who spots an alternative. Odeon didn't need to spend money. They weren't trying to compete because there was no other cinema in the city. If there was the situation changes. If you had a business that started to loose trade to a rival you would do something to reverse that trend. I love your suggestion that folks going to the cinema aren't going to the theatre the same night. That is about as lame as it gets. The point is that the night life infrastructure that exists in that area is built up for the cinema and theatre trade. They offer pre theatre deals. Silversmith's is a top notch restaurant which lives on that trade. Just keep telling yourself that Odeon have no idea how to run a business and everything will be alright. The reality is Odeon have been very successful for decades. They know how to run cinemas and how to compete in the market. If they aren't spending money on the cinema now it is perhaps because they don't need to YET. But if they see competition that moves things along. To answer your question. No I don't use the Odeon very often. I use the cinemas down the east end. They are more convenient as they provide parking. But if I were to come into town on the bus or tram the stops would be close by. So all things being equal I'd use a spruced up Odeon. How often have you used the new cinema? You seem to speak very highly of a place that you've never seen. PS... Our local boozer didn't seem to get more than a lick of paint for a century or more. But once a Wetherspoon opened up down the road the place had a makeover within 6 months and now has a rack of 6 handpulled ales and a refurbed kitchen. Why do you think that was?
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