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  1. A person with integrity and values, as an antidote to someone with neither
  2. Can we sue him now and get our £180,000 in lost wage payment back? Hope Magid stands in the by-election, so we can punish Labour and keep the Yellow Tories out
  3. The Council reject the application, make it very clear that it's listed status will be preserved long term, forcing Platts to give up and sell it to one of the multiple parties who wanted to buy it and re-open it as a pub when Enterprise sold it 2 years ago.
  4. It's been deteriorating because the current owner has deliberately been encouraging it - stripping out the fittings and smashing a window (which was amateurish, because it was so clearly done from the inside). The pub was never any good because it was owned by Enterprise Inns - the worst of the PubCos. With a decent brewery behind it, it could rival the Rising Sun. And the plan is definitely to demolish it by the way. This big eyesore is planned for its place:
  5. No. But despite what Londoners think, 99.99% of the world don't start their journey from there. ---------- Post added 02-11-2018 at 09:30 ---------- Liverpool has a similar lack of transport connections as Sheffield (though it does obviously have an airport). In contrast BBC News and Sport works fine from the better connected Manchester. BBC Breakfast, Match of the Day etc. get their guests in fine.
  6. Business needs transport infrastructure. That and a skilled workforce are the only two factors. Do you really think a guest coming onto channel 4 news is going to fly into Manchester, then get the 60-90 minute chugger over to Sheffield, for the sake of a 5 minute interview? Or get the slow diesel train up from London and back - a 5 hour round trip?
  7. A company with 600 staff is not a small business/local shop by any definition. Much better to support the genuine independents around.
  8. So that's part of the price of giving away our HS2 station and airport then
  9. Did you know his 'autism' is self-diagnosed?... His cerebral palsy is legit, but that's a physical impairment. Jared is just a nasty piece of work. He gives disabled people a bad name by constantly citing it as an excuse for his simple bad behaviour.
  10. Someone whose previous job was DJ-ing at a rock bar has said "loud noises mean I cannot cope"
  11. You pay that for a standard 3 bed in S10. £2000-£2500 is more London The usual saying is that London prices per week are what the rest of the country would pay per month
  12. They are actually all over the place, although most are now flats For instance Hillsborough way there's Burrowlee House just off the park, theres the one on the left as you head down Dykes Hall Road, and Loxley House on Ben Lane. The old asylum at Middlewood is stunning too. There's also the impressive Queens Tower up Park Grange Road in Norfolk Park
  13. That's neo-liberalism for you. You need planned obsolescence. If things were built to last, it would all go Man In The White Suit. I'm not sure many/any of those flats are owner owned. They are all buy-to-lets
  14. It was built with an intended 30 year lifespan, so is getting on for half its time now
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