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  1. Ironically decreasing the number of MPs to 600 will increase the inequity between the islands where an MP can be elected on 7000 votes and the urban ones where it will require 30,000.
  2. I'm just going on the figures from Electoral Reform Society. http://www.electoral-reform.org.uk/boundary-reform "What are the issues? Constituency size. One of the principles of a fair Parliament is equal-sized constituencies to ensure equal representation for all citizens. At the moment, constituencies vary in size from less than 22,000 to more than 110,000. Keeping constituency sizes up-to-date will require more frequent boundary reviews, which may disrupt the link between MPs and votes. Whilst the numbers are important, it is also crucial to have a system that does not awkwardly split up or graft together different communities." I'm not sure why being an island warrants a seperate MP when they could be joined on to another islansd or even a chunk of mainland. That way all votes become equal.
  3. I've never been a fan of wine made from concentrate or fruit juice made from concentrate. I've found "British" wine up at ASDA branded as 3 Valleys which they sell for less than £2.50/bottle. This too is pretty lousy wine made from imported grape concentrate that was once destined for the wine lake. I have a fridge magnet that proclaims "Life is too short to drink bad wine". I tend to agree.
  4. The Boundaries of our parliamentary constituencies were due to be redrawn before the recent election, but were put back until 2018 with a plan to reduce the number of MPs to 600. The reson for the review was the inequality of constituency size as populations migrate. The largest UK constituency currently has more than 110,000 registered voters, whilst the smallest less than 22,000. What will these revisions mean to the status quo?
  5. That's a bit lame isn't it? That's rather like saying a gambler was successful because he won on the first race before losing his shirt on the 2nd, or a runner was successful because he was leading after one lap but had nothing left for the other 3. The idea is to leave the country better off at the end of your stint, not worse off. But the fact that you consider spending the country into the financial doggy doos as Labour's achievement is a pretty good indication of why the majority don't trust Labour with the economy. Remember "No more boom and bust?" By the way. There were more people out of work when Labour left office in 2010 than there were when they took over in 1997. You can't get away from it. Labour are not trusted to run the economy.
  6. The biggest factor in Labours loss was Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling. Labour might have been able to bluster about worldwide recession in 2007/2008 but not the crazy spending they did trying to buy votes before the 2010 election. It was all to no avail as Labour lost that election and also paved the way to lose the 2015 election as well. Since 2010 the Tories have got respect for creating jobs, and cutting the deficit. Labour lost further credibility by telling everyone that Osbourn he was getting it wrong whilst he cleared up their mess and created 2 million new jobs.The Libdems got destroyed. What has changed since 2010 is the Libdem seats were mainly taken by the Tories. UKIP took votes off everyone without gaining seats and the SNP destroyed Labour in Scotland. That spending spree in 2009/2010 destroyed Labours credibility to manage the economy and handing LD seats to the Tories means that the mountain they have to climb is so much higher. Labour might well get another million votes in 2020, but unless they get those votes in seats they don't already hold they will be in opposition for a very long time.
  7. You could try Hassop Station on the Monsal Trail. They hire bikes including electric ones. You could go and try one there. They are big with advice. They tend to sell off stock and replace bikes pretty regularly and often have bikes for sale that have been properly serviced. There is even a voucher deal at the moment. http://www.groupon.co.uk/deals/dealbank_en_gb/monsal-trail-cycle-hire-at-hassop-station/61828641?CID=UK_AFF_1047_10_1_1&utm_source=awn&utm_medium=afl&utm_campaign=105015&utm_content=aff_1&nlp
  8. In that case he would be fine refusing to bake this same cake if the customer wasn't gay. How would he tell?
  9. Something like 9 or 10% of all tax collected in the UK goes to pay the interest on the money we owe.
  10. In which case I would ask what is the point of voting labour if you are not unionised labour.
  11. All Hamas have to do is stop making terrorist attacks on Israel. If Israel don't stop the bombing then they can be condemned. It is difficult to imagine what Israel is supposed to do when it is being bombarded by rockets on a daily basis. It seems America and the UK thought a few terrorist attacks on New York & Washington were enough grounds for flattening Afghanistan.
  12. Sadly they aren't worth a great deal. When fire arms were allowed folk needed then for guns etc. Now they are a liability because you don't know who has keys. Combination safes are the thing.
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