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  1. I like Bia Hoi, always have, but haven't been in around 4-5 months since my boyfriend had a pint of beer that tasted "funny" and eventually made him so ill we had to go home early To be fair though he is an idiot who supped half the pint before putting it down, thinking it might have just "been him" being daft. As it's under new ownership we will be giving it another go on Saturday night. Hopefully the draught pints will taste better this time! PS. I usually have a vodka and lemonade (double) - but the lemonade ALWAYS tastes really, really sweet. A lot sweeter than regular lemonade. Are you still serving the same lemonade? Just so I know whether to opt for orange as a mixer instead!
  2. I went in a couple of months ago for the first time and thought it was okay. I couldn't get my boyfriend out of the damn place thanks to the pinball machines giving him extra goes (sp?) And we're not really into the *alternative, punky* scene, if that is the right term to use. He's from Lancashire so it was new to him, and rest be assured we will most probably be in on Saturday at some stage so he can make me watch him play pinball. FUN?!
  3. I have an interview there tomorrow and we're meeting outside Republic, then moving elsewhere to conduct the interview, so i'm guessing all round that area is shut ?
  4. The corner is unsafe. Wonder why we are using it ? Will find out tomorrow night for you all.
  5. Might be nutters, but they are certainly more passionate than some armchair fans that both sets of fans have. Thats the thing I hate, listening to the radio after the game and some geniouses say "Yes, I am an Owl/Blade but I didn't go to the game today..." Why the hell do they feel the need to ring and comment on the performance/game when they haven't been ?
  6. Aye loads of Wednesdayites live in Barnsley, Toytown, Bradord, Huddersfield. Some as far as Malaysia, Cape Town, Denmark, Sweden and loads of other countries...(saw all their banners at Cardiff last season!)
  7. You've been given 6,000 on the away stand. Cannot use the north-west stand as it is having construction work done on it.
  8. How many people were there on Tuesday then and what did you all do ? Definitely coming along on Tuesday Shaun, with two friends in tow. It'll be much easier for me when I have a car !!!!
  9. I am a member of Wednesdayite and all we want, is a voice in how the club is 'coming along', we don't care for Bates, we're not so fussed over Allen, we just want to have a say in the way our club is run. But supposedly, Allen sees this as threatening I think.
  10. Try Paul Powers' personal trainers in Malin Bridge. My little brother (aged 12) goes there and has been going since he was 5. One-on-one tuition, can be expensive though... Think nowadays it is £20 per hour. Find a friend to go with you and split the cost
  11. SWFC - better fans and more of them. SUFC - better squad. There....everyones happy now.
  12. Seeing as though no info has been given, I shall just tell you that training is tomorrow at 6pm at Goal:Sports Centre in Norfolk Park. The pitch obviously has to be hired so be prepared to pay a little (not a lot at all!)
  13. I'll be more than happy with anything but relegation. Think we can get 18th. Lets hope we sign an experienced midfielder within the next fortnight.
  14. Shaun, I have got two other people to join up, they may bring others, but don't count on it! See you on Tuesday.
  15. Nah not a good game at all. Nice to see all the Wednesdayites sat in their plastic chairs whilst I was in a nice leather one though. That thought kept me smiling. Swap Deano for Woody...no chance! Wood is a great player, improving with every game.
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