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  1. I was on his trail for awhile but as soon as I passed a pub door I remembered that I never pass a pub door..
  2. He did in fact go a different way as I recall...
  3. Roxy's? Top Rank! Show yer age...
  4. Let me think, he had teeth and some were at the front.. is it him?
  5. Yes he did, hope that jogs your memory..
  6. My dad told me about a 1p fish and a h'aporth o' chips. I remember a shilling fish and 6 pennorth o' chips. What are they now, about twenty quid?
  7. Thank you all for your responses to my thread. I still remember Page Hall fondly but the Page Hall I knew was between 1960 and 1980. It didn't seem to change that much in the 60's and 70's but it is a bit different now!
  8. I'm herring about it now and then. Cod knows where though.
  9. I've researched this, they fed them with fish food..
  10. There were a few girls there who used to "go"..
  11. Don't know about that but in't sixties a lot of blokes were still wearing 'em! Including my old dad.
  12. Vaguely remember a dingy shop there of some sort 1960 or early sixties. Mind you everything was a bit dingy down there!
  13. Did anyone work at Orgreave pit? About half of 'em, wasn't it?
  14. Dave Cook's assistant Steve was a young guy (then!) with dark brown hair I recall. Softly spoken and fairly slight build-wise. Nice guy.. I think he twigged that some of us were taking Dave Cook for a bit of a ride BUT we did get the work done on those night shifts! Tardis take me back! ;-)
  15. Yeah, a lot of my mates went to the Daizy (or played in bands there..) not a big haunt of mine, ..but it could have been!
  16. I remember Tony Hughes very well.. He was there when I worked there 1977-1980. He was Bars Manager then too! :-)
  17. Hiya witch! Do you remember the DJ Stewart McEgan? He was also one of the owners of the club.
  18. .......................... Yes, I think it was Kramers.. so where was Friedrich's ..Firth Park, Fir Vale... ??
  19. FPWMC Whitbread Big Head Trophy bitter - the pint that thinks it's a quart! Great ad!
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