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  1. It was a bona fide investigation.. He had just debriefed them and was making sure the evidence was secure..
  2. I was just about to suggest: Tha' knows Air
  3. Why, how much free will do you really think you have? It's probably a lot less than 50% if you take stock!
  4. Time will show and the evidence will prove that he thought they were nuns and it was a Beecham's Powder. Let's face it, anyone could make the same mistake..
  5. I am waiting for the new, improved WD41
  6. No, never got further than skidmarks! Did you ever meet your own granny at a 'grab a granny night?'
  7. Only a jest on my part, history and books have always been close to my heart and so I was interested in your thread.
  8. Excellent marketing (from a pro)
  9. Yes he did (Frankie's mum) Mom, how could you.. I expect the next poster has had a lovely afternoon sunbathing at the side of the Don?
  10. I think she'll turnip eventually!
  11. [a young lady acrobat. After climbing a ladder to the top of a pole, about 50 feet high, she then stood on a tiny platform on the top, doing gymnastics and then playing "Oh Mine Papa" on a trumpet like Eddie Calvert. What a time! You couldn't make it up could you?
  12. But what about Floe.. Lettuce see if we can find her in the vegetable patch!
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