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  1. How's life on shops these days not been down for a while ...


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    Just drove through nothings changed hoards outside betting shop parked on zebra crossing litter all over a right state nowadays ...


    That's sad .. I grew up there and so many memories .. so disappointing (to me, anyway..) how some people live and how they treat the place they live in .. but it's their home now so up to them to set the standard they want ..

  2. Bring a Barnsley kiss (always handy to have one on standby) and make sure we have all the ingredients to make a Yorkshire pudding for a starter... just like mom used to make... flour, eggs, salt, axle grease...


    Can you pass me a coit and booits as it's getting a bit parky out... That star seems to be hovering over Firth Browns now... he'll be a steel worker when he grows up that lad, well he woulda been if...

  3. It takes 2 kitchen assistants 45 minutes to prepare 10kg of vegetables. How long would it take for 25 kitchen assistants to prepare 10kg of vegetables of vegetables? (The question is not related to any restaurant in South Yorkshire!). It's a maths question my daughter has had for her homework! Thought you might be interested in having a go.


    3.6 minutes?

  4. You have a business that employs 5 people … you possess a strong character and you enjoy a lot of respect from all the staff .. except David …. though he is excellent in his job, David, who equally has a strong personality, occasionally seems careless ..

    One very busy Monday … at around 10 am, while everyone was active and focused David shouted saying: Boss? … it is the wife’s birthday today .. I’m leaving at 11.


    what’s your next move


    I'd say, 'If you want to work 'til 11pm tonight that's fine be me, lock up when you go..'

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