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  1. Went to the presentation re the proposed new Aldi on the field behind my house. It was like an episode of The Office. We had David Brent and sidekick making lots of placatory noises, and in answer to our questions "we are looking into it and awaiting a report". We counted an Ecology report, a noise pollution report, a report on traffic volume, a report on how many mothers use cars to school/to shop, a report on boundary issues, a report on how it will affect house prices, a report on what colour underwear they will be wearing whilst making the reports. All this without planning permission actually being submitted. Apparently Tesco and Morrisons have both been turned down, but the land IS earmarked for a retail outlet of some sort. I think we should have an OXFAM. ---------- Post added 18-09-2013 at 19:02 ---------- And as for your comment about the cycle lane , then you obviously have a problem with traffic congestion on Fence Hill already!
  2. So political it's astounding! ---------- Post added 13-09-2013 at 19:26 ---------- I take my child to school in the car because I work full time, and have to be there at a certain time, I wish I had the freedom to walk him to school I really do. I agree with you about not suffering fools gladly, but Tess is not a fool, she's my daughter, and I felt that you were bullying her in your post. When you do have kids of your own, then get back to me on road safety in Swallownest, and the burning down of the playground on the top of the hill. Ty for your reply. :-)
  3. NIMBY'ism, hmm, a new word for the Oxford dictionary? If you can't reasonably explain your opposition, I suggest you buy a Thesaurus. ---------- Post added 13-09-2013 at 18:51 ---------- Probably not, but it's a nice thought. ---------- Post added 13-09-2013 at 19:01 ---------- We live on the Aston Manor Estate, and have done for the last 10 years, therefore we do know the area very well. My youngest child is a pupil at Aston fence Primary, and the car congestion on Fence Hill is a nightmare, no school crossing provided, so we look after our own. As for the Aldi being stuck in the middle of a housing estate, it's unreasonable to say the least! I think that Tess was trying to make the point that children play on the housing estate, not the main road - where do your's play???? Please stop the bullying tactics and post a reasonable comment. Ty so much for your concern and support.
  4. It does anyway, I never buy fresh meat from Morrison's it goes off within 24 hrs of going in the fridge...IMO.
  5. In 2000 , Japan named Instant Noodles their best invention of the 20th century!
  6. I love Mrs Brown's Boys, she is my grandmother personified! I feel that I have to question your comment "lowest common denominator"... do you feel that you could define this comment?
  7. Have nearly finished watching the box set - 4 episodes to go, what a brilliant show!
  8. A weeping Angel... Ok I am looking forward to Saturday.
  9. She's not the first not to have said anything and she certainly won't be the last! I think that the X Factor just gives people a launching pad in the auditions , if they're good enough.
  10. I loved her audition, and hope she goes down the path that she should, ie: comedienne. It'll be interesting to watch her progress on the XFactor, and I look forward to watching her! Anyhoo....as for buying crisps for food when you're skint......68p a bag!!! Thats luxury food that is !
  11. Still no sign and her brother Domino is pining for her, although her mum Pudding, seems ok. Dom is sleeping all the time and hardly leaves my side, has taken to wanting to go out at night, which he never did before. He's eating but only minimally, and sits in the garden when he can see me, but otherwise seems really down. I am giving him loads of attention (not a difficult task :-) and trying to give him his usual cat treats, but he's not interested. He was so used to playfighting with his sister and now seems so lost without her, any advice would be so welcome.
  12. So sorry to hear of your loss, she'll be with you at Rainbow bridge x
  13. Amy , have you had any sightings? I have been looking but nothing to report. Thinking of you still x
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