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  1. We're in wickersley, Rotherham. 20 plus years competing experience, 11th year teaching. From grade 1 all the way up
  2. Im based in Wickersley and my classes are on Wednesday 7pm til 8pm (ish). Each week costs £4, I work heavily on socialisation (us and our dogs), having fun (us and the dogs) and encourage families to bring their children along too, we have enough dogs that can "play" with the kids. mummymichelle39@outlook.com gets me most of the time (I cant display my mobile number currently but am happy to answer any questions and provide same via pm). Thank you
  3. Now I liked Robot Hood, Dr Who and my childhood hero in one, blissimouse (agree about her accents though), however I remain undecided about Caecilius as The Dr, tensnt had me at Barcelona (and could have me whenever oh er mrs), I loved Eccleston but still think he sold us out and loved Smith too. Will always watch the show but think Capaldi will be my least liked Who
  4. Hi Man pup's are back at school, now its the furkids. Classes morthen rd eickersley s66 9jb starting at 7pm tonight and weds (agility on tues from 6pm). Spaces available, please message as I cant put my new number "out there"
  5. I'd like to add, we were there last year and were due to attend again this. Unfortunately a combination of poorly child and even more sick van meant that we couldn't get. I have every confidence that the ground would have held well despite the weather and we would have still been able to do "our thang" and would have provided entertainment for those there. This event is, by far, the BEST we have ever been asked to attend, so much to see in a relatively small area. So so sorry for letting you down Stephen, I sincerely hope that your event (can't be organized by many as you were the only person in contact with me and who knew exactly where we were to be) comes back in 2015 bigger and better.
  6. Nanu nanu, go find Orson. Hugely talented chap RIP
  7. We're in wickersley if that's any good, about half an hour from High Green
  8. I've never found Python funny but my dad does so I taped it on Sunday for him. Eddie Izzard and Dara O'Braian kept referring to it as surreal comedy. Surreal yes, comedy hardly
  9. ...... Is currently taking on new members. We train on a Tuesday evening from 6pm using competition spec equipment. Our trainers have had 20 years experience in agility, doing everything from running their own dogs at shows to running the shows themselves. We are a friendly group using positive training methods. Classes cost £5 per dog per hour. 07476 207425 is our new contact number (don't know how to change my signature). Classes are in Wickersley.
  10. Sarah Edge is based at Aquavet she's amazing
  11. We could hold one of our competition days at your event next year if you'd like that. Re the barriers, I'll have a look at our ring and confirm thank you
  12. And we're back with the agility, my lot are really looking forward to it again. Just hope we have the same weather as last year, fine but not too hot for the dogs. For anyone thinking about it it's a cracking day out xxxx ---------- Post added 02-07-2014 at 17:48 ---------- 07476207425 is my new mobile number too Steve xxx
  13. Legal aid does not exist for family law anymore, it hasn't for over a year
  14. We use Fiprospot, same ingredients as frontline but cheaper. Buy from vet medic
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