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  1. I have emailed you my choices Hemlock, sorry i forgot, VO reminded me today! Is it a take your own wine place?
  2. And how large our bums are for purposes of fitting them into cars!
  3. Enjoyed the walk today, glad there was none of that horrible ice this week! It did seem like a long walk today but after a nice soak in the bath my legs dont feel too bad. That may not be the case in the morning though! Nice to see yet more new people today hope you will join us again.
  4. I think you already have us down for this, but just posting anyway!
  5. Really enjoyed todays walk in the woods. Can you believe ive lived in Sheffield all my life and dont think I have ever walked through Ecclesall Woods! Enjoyed the company, was nice to meet some new walkers and chat to some who I havent seen for ages! Also enjoyed the 3 members of public who kept us entertained today, was very amusing! See you all soon hopefully
  6. I was looking forward to this walk but when the snow started falling fairly thickly last night, where I was, I decided to let VO know I wasnt going to risk it. I fully support his and HC3s decision to cancel the walk. (Which they already know!) We can do it another time when its not so slippy! Roll on spring!
  7. Happy New Year everyone! Lets hope its as good as 2009 was!
  8. Hi Parkwoman, great to hear from you, I will be around tomorrow, will pm you!
  9. We shall be joining you VO and might even get there early and have a sausage sarnie at the cafe! :D:D
  10. Home safe and dry thanks to Vincentvega! Its a good job we had our walking shoes on or we wouldn't have been able to push the car when we stopped behind a really slow driver! I enjoyed the walk and the two pub stops. It was lovely to see everyone, specially Canada Girl and family. Hope you all have a fantastic Christmas! x x x
  11. I enjoyed the walk and the fantastic views, and the good company as always. But my legs just gave up on me. Had nothing to do with the aroma of the carvery coming from the pub honest! Thanks so much to Scoobz for coming to get us! Great photos Taxman
  12. I cant come to this cos I have a special family birthday party to go to on that date!
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