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  1. Hi 56cheffy. Nothing to do with your Aunt. My laptop does not have a cd player' I bought one off ebay that attaches by wire to the USB socket. Works just great. Didn't cost a fortune either under £20 . Just a suggestion.
  2. I am new to this thread. The first Doctor I can remember was Dr Botros. Apparently when I was very young (1946/7) I developed pneumonia. My Mom always told me that Dr Botros saved my life. I think he had a surgery a couple of houses above the (then ) Essoldo picture house on Barnsley Road down from Sheffield Lane Top. Up to me getting married in 1966 I used to go to the same surgery, but cannot remember who the Doctor was.
  3. I'm same as you Ant68 that many replies on here. But here goes. Lindsay Road Junior School, Also Lindsay Road Nursery and Infants. Nursery to leaving Juniors 1951-1957
  4. Hi again. No never did visit Grenoside. As usual got married and went our different ways. Will keep a look out for Brian, but if he has not replied to your post's I am thinking he no longer comes on this site. Take care Good luck Eddie (Blackpool)
  5. Hiya Joanne Looked all over for Brian's email, cannot find it . I have sent Brian a message via another method. Have you tried to get in touch with Carol on Facebook? I know she used to have a Facebook account but that was 4/5 years ago. I will keep trying for you. Hope you succeed Eddie.
  6. Ii am an old friend of Brian's from childhood when we both lived in Deerlands Ave. My wife was friends with Carol from childhood also. they both lived in Hillsboro. You are right Carol and Brian are divorced. They met when through my now wife and I when we were courting back in 1963/4. Carol is in Scotland and Brian is in Spain. I last had contact with Brian a couple of years ago, so I have his email address somewhere. I will see if I can find it and let you have it. Eddie.
  7. Any one remember the songs we used to dance to at Linsdsay Road 1959-61
  8. When I was young 50s and 60s. I lived in Deerlands Ave. At the back of our house ( now demolished) was what we called back fields.. There were pathways from Deerlands over to Holgate Road we always called them eightfot. Mantlepiece was cornish
  9. My sister Yvonne Fothergill went to Hartley Brook around the time. Sorry doesn't help your original question.
  10. Well that puts a different aspect on it
  11. No doubt may be wrong. It looks as though someone has drawn the back ground. Just saying
  12. Wow bassett one. Forgot about the "stretch legs" game using a knife, Had some good fun playing that game with my friends on Deerlands Ave. Played on the grass verges . Didn't you throw the knife in the centre of your opponents legs to seal a win? Them were the days.
  13. Saw them years ago at a Pontins Holiday Camp. They were on stage the night of my daughters 7th birthday. I took her back stage to see if they wold give here their autographs. They both ignored us and walked away with the man who was the entertainment manager. Complete ignorance.
  14. My first job was in a fishmongers, up the gennal Firth Park. Going home on the bus (No 1) afterwards didn't get many people wanting to sit near me. Don't know why . Owner used to put bits of money in places, to see if I would take it, never did take any. At the end of the day the owner would cash up the takings. Put the money in a money bag. Lift a trap door that was in the room at the back of the shop go down the steps into the cellar and put the money bag somewhere, I was told never to go down into the cellar, not very trusting was the owner. When my Grandfather died, I was told that I could not go to the funeral, because it was on a Friday and Friday was the busiest day. I worked until the Thursday before the funeral walked out at the end of the day and (without telling them) didn't go back. I went to the funeral. Not nice people to work for.
  15. . This has nothing to do with the topic. As stated before I went to Southey Green Sec Mod. Sat in front of me was a girl ( not giving name). One day sat listening to our boring teacher Mrs Rowley. I had a temptation to undo the bra of the girl sat in front of me, as you could see the clip under her shirt. Anyway the temptation got too great. I leant forward and with a twist of the bra clip the bra undid, the girl screamed out. She told Mrs Rowley why she had screamed. I was hurried up to the Headmaster, where I received six strokes of the cane. I can still feel the pain now. So if anyone is ever tempted to do something. Think very very hard of the consequences.
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