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  1. blackhill

    Shamima Begum

    Let them rot in hell. That's what I say. UK was not good enough for them. Now they want pity.
  2. blackhill

    Shamima Begum

    Keep the ISIS brides out of the UK. They knew what they were doing. I have no sympathy for them or any others who left to be with ISIS
  3. blackhill

    Looking for someone in parsons cross

    By the way it is "Parson Cross". Not Parsons.
  4. blackhill

    Sheffield then and now

    sounds like it
  5. blackhill

    Sheffield then and now

    I moved from Sheffield. Over the pennines to Blackpool in 1984. Go back visiting relatives and friends now and then. Definitely not the same. I used to live on Deerlands Ave. My old house and most around have been demolished. Don't know what's going to replace them. Thatcher and her motley crew ruined Sheffield and other areas.
  6. blackhill

    British Acheson Claywheels Lane

    Hiya John. Didn't emigrate. Just moved across the Pennines to Blackpool that was 1984. We are both well, now in our 70s but doing OK. Both daughters Carron and Emma are married. We have six grandchildren. oldest 25 youngest 2. So we are kept very busy. Hope all is well with you and your family. Give our best wishes to both your Aunties, Lynne and Dot if you see them.
  7. blackhill

    British Acheson Claywheels Lane

    Ace Waste . I worked at UC in the packing then nuclear shop. Knew your dad. We used to live next door to Hughie's mother and father in law Lillie and Les Daubney. Knew his wife Janet who sadly died. Give him our best wishes. Our names are Eddie and Anita. He will know who we are.
  8. blackhill

    Factory end of claywheels lane

    Do you mean where the old British Acheson / Union Carbide factory was
  9. blackhill

    Wensley street prefabs

    Yes I remember the high wall. Me and my cousin Jacqueline (she lived in Wensley Street) used to play in the yard a lot. Weren't the toilets at the top of yard, opposite the back door?
  10. blackhill

    Wensley street prefabs

    Just been on Google street view. There is a massive mosque opposite to where my grandad and you lived. That was street view 2017. Area where the house was is just trees. Street lamp still there. Not original one obviously.
  11. blackhill

    Wensley street prefabs

    Next time I am in Sheffield, might go and take a look at Botham Street. Just to reminisce a bit. Crazy eh.
  12. blackhill

    Wensley street prefabs

    Yeah he died in hospital (royal infirmary) of pneumonia. Amazing that sometime in the pass we knew each other. Your name not Robert or Steven is it? Have a good New Year.
  13. blackhill

    Wensley street prefabs

    That was my grandad Joshua William Fothergill. I am his grandson Edward. So the couple who lived there was your mom and dad. Didn't see much of them but they were very nice. Can't remember them having a son. But obviously must have had. I think they lived in the front room, not sure. Small world eh
  14. blackhill

    Wensley street prefabs

    hi Bothamlad. Unbelievable. My Grannie and Grandad lived in that house. They moved to Botham Street from Deerlands Ave in the early 50s. I and my cousin, who used to live in Wensley Street prefabs, used to visit them all the time. My Grannie passed in 1958. My Grandad passed in 1961. There was a couple who used to lodge there. The house has long gone now, just waste land last time I saw.
  15. blackhill

    Southey Green School

    I was in Mrs Rowley's class B4 when I left in 1961. Still remember her red finger nails.

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