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  1. Blimey, sounds a bit grim @Runningman I recall the houses up Ruth Square originally had outdoor Toilets as well. Mind you, most houses probably did if they were built in late 19th Century. I'm impressed you can recall your visit. Where did you travel from to visit them?
  2. In addition to the page 3 list of @bobsyouruncle See, if you wait 14 years, someone will turn up. All around 83 - 89 I haven't trawled through the rest of the thread, so some may be repeated from after his list on Page 3. Mr Upton - Chemistry Mrs Price - English - Library Mrs Appleby - Chemistry Mrs Arnold - French? Mr Rodgers - Physics Mrs Bryars - Geography Mrs Williams (Lovely Lady) - French - A3 I think, the classroom near the entrance at science block end. Miss Sheldon (Even the first year lads fancied her) - P.E Teacher. Mr Atkinson - Chemistry Mr Breen - Biology Mrs Brett - History Mr Chisholm? (Long Kinky Hair and Hairy Face) Mrs Moffat - Cookery Mr Hutchinson - Careers and ??? Mr Little - History Mrs Skinner - Maths Mr Symcox - Maths?? Mrs Thraves - Boilogy and R.E Mrs Wigmore - Art There was a Mr Wright who was a P.E and Maths Teacher and there was another "Wright" who was a Science teacher. I think it was a "Mrs Wright"????? Anyone? Lewis.. Mr or Mrs??? - Geography Now this ones really stumps me. Around 1987 there was a replacement Maths Teacher who was from the North East and her name was something like Miss Francine, she was only in her 20's. It's driving me nuts this one. Also, the name Mr Wainwright has popped up on here and it's driving me nuts trying to recall his face, build whatever. The name is familiar, but I just can't picture him. I remember Mr Davenport though, he was a good guy. Ex S.A.S so the rumour had it, it might have been B.S though. Doesn't time fly?
  3. Apologies if this is in the wrong section: Moderators can contact me to relocate it if I have that facility.
  4. Hi I have a some questions about the area I have lived all my life. The area in the title that is. This will also show anyone interested some great photos that I didn't know about until I joined "Britain From Above" and realise how good the "Zoom" feature is. These photos are from 1950. First Question: Here is an image apparently showing where bombs fell in the Broomfields/Broomhall Area during WW2. You can easily identify where Dorset Street is if you're from round here. Now here is an image from the area from 1950 You can see that no doubt, Gloucester Street received a hit due to the cleared space either side of the road. Havelock Square being hit seems to be accurate as well. However, there is no damage to Dorset Street at all in the areas shown on the top image. There was also no damage to the area near where the old Hanrahans is or the nearby buildings. The part of Broomspring Lane level with Dorset Street appears untouched as well. So is the top image inaccurate or did they drop some Duff Bombs? Even if they landed in the middle of the road the bombs would still have caused extensive damage to the houses. Anyone have any answers? Next Subject: Does anyone know more detailed information about the Collection of Buildings that is now the "Cut Through" from Broomspring Lane to Wilkinson Street (it is situated between Dorset & Gloucester on the Map). This old map from 1963 states it's a Garage. Do you know more? And here are some pics from 1950 of the buildings and a little closer and a little closer, but blurry! and from a different angle and a little closer I was born in the early 70's and have limited recollection of the area up until the red bricked houses were completed around 1980. I know that a office block once stood here from the early 80's up to circa 2011. From the 1950 image, you can see it's quite a quirky looking arrangement of buildings, I wish I could get these images into better resolution. You can see part of the side wall where the current last house before the gap is. What is next to it looks like another house, albeit, with very shallow depth and placed slightly forward of it's neighbour and then a series of 2 rows of outbuildings behind the shallow house. Why is this house have such a different size/shape/dimensions, whatever? Next Question: Also as we are looking down Broomspring Lane on the images above, there was a Fish and Chip Shop I vaguely recall. It was on the right side as we look and between Dorset and Gloucester Street. Does anyone remember the name of it? I'm sure there was a little gap and you went in a door at the side of the building? Finally, but mostly unrelated to the questions: Here's a good image of where all the Hallamshire Hospital and Tree Root Walk areas is, again from 1950. Looks like some lovely buildings were demolished to build the ugly, monolithic Hospital. If anyone has any of their own photos from this area with all the old buildings, I would love to see them. It's such a quirky area around the back of Dorset and into Gloucester Square and quite random house placings, must have been lots of little alleyways leading in to some areas. There are all kinds of loose ends I'm looking for answers to re this area. Little Gennels, how the styles of the houses looked on Dorset Street and down the hill of Gloucester Crescent, how many shops were on those 2 streets, I recall Nelly Melluish's shop on Gloucester, but wasn't there also a Butcher's shop? Any more shops? Thanks for any help.
  5. Thanks @dan2802 much appreciated. I did leave it last year, so my roof wasn't properly insured in event of storm damage. The insurance companies all quote that they need the roof "inspected every x amount of years by a builder or roofer and any necessary repairs carried out immediately." It is 13 years old, yes, it feels really tough stuff though, not your normal shed roof felt obviously and thankfully, as of today, it's not leaking. you think it's in my best interest to get it inspected and repaired to satisfy the insurance companies. That is if it is deemed necessary as a repair by a roofer?
  6. This thread is useful to me too. My flat roof was felted in 2005 with High Performance Roofing Felt. Been up there around September and while it looks in tact, there is a small section (18 inches square) that has raised slightly from the boards, like an Air Bubble, not torn though. Could probably do with a proper inspection, could only afford a temp repair (if it's absolutley needed) at the moment. So, I am interested in knowing who the trusted guys are who will be honest and quote me a repair and not try scare me into having the whole roof done if I can get a few more years out of it, so I can save up for the inevitable re-roof in the future. I am in Sheffield 10. Thanks.
  7. Hi Greg. Would you be interested in this, you sound like the kind of guy we need. http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=1446907 Ta!
  8. Hi Folks. We are a Sheffield funk and soul covers band.Our band consists currently of 2 singers (male and female vocalists), experienced guitar and bass . We are looking to recruit a competent keyboardist and drummer competent in this genre of music. We enjoy an eclectic mix of funky music including Chic, Chaka Khan, Jamiroquai,, Michael Jackson and too many others to mention. We require musicians who should be able to reproduce varied sounds in keeping with the type of music listed above. Suitable musicians will be of an excellent standard and be committed to a weekly practice. There may be a possibility of gigs down the line but what is more important is that we gel as a unit and become a polished act first. We are really friendly and have become great friends aged 30 - 50. Please no big egos or negative people. Thank you.
  9. Thanks @Bluefeline A lot to think about there. You mentioned an apprenticeship, is an apprenticeship free? The Harriet Ellis NEBDN Course is £1500. Did you pay for your qualification? Does the apprenticeship take longer? Can someone my age do an apprenticeship? Sorry to bombard you with questions, they keep popping into my head. Ta!
  10. I was made redundant recently and am starting to get disillusioned re finding a job. I'm in my 40's and starting to think my age is going against me. Anyway, I saw an ad for the industry standard Dental Nurse Diploma starting in June. I would have to pay for the course but I don't mind if it leads to a new Career, I do want a new Career anyway. I do have an interest in this course and Job. Just a few tips would be great from anyone who has done it. It involves 1 night a week at Sheffield Hallam Uni, 2.5 hours, good I can manage that. I'm not academically brilliant though, although I am more talented Vocationally. I started a Degree a few years ago and packed it in during the 2nd year due to the sheer volume of work involved, but I did get 75% in my first year. I also passed an Access Course with ease as well to get to Uni. I'm guessing that this diploma will not be as demanding as a Degree though, Lol. I have a Manufacturing Background, so yes, you guessed, I am Male, not many Male Dental Nurses about right? I am practical though and although you may not think it, there are similarities with my usual job and Dental nursing in regard to planning (preparing the correct tools/implements),being meticulous etc. Next problem, I would need to get a placement at a Dentist Surgery to complete my Portfolio and thus complete the Diploma. The company who sell the course say they will try their best to get their students a placement within 13 weeks, but there is no guarantee. There lies the problem....NO GUARANTEE. I know I can try and get my own placement, but time is running out and I don't think I can part with the dosh with that level of uncertainty. I'm looking on the Jobcentre website and there may be a doorway there, but I can't guarantee that either. If I do get a placement I think I could scrape by on Minimum wage for a year, so that's no biggie. This course runs for a year, does it have the usual term breaks that Uni Students get? Has anyone done this course? Any other tips? Thank you.
  11. Hi Does anyone know where I would start in getting a bunch of old opera records valued? Some are very old, 78's and 10" records. I don't know any specialists. Any Help? Thank you
  12. Hi Folks, Any really good computer shops in Sheffield except PC World and Curry's and all the big corporate names? I know there are a few on London Road, West Street and maybe Ecclessall Road. Anyone had good customer service and value, warranties etc from any smaller shops? Where the service might be more "one to one" and less "stack 'em high and pile 'em out the door" Some shops may build one to your spec, not that I'm after anything out of the ordinary? Just after "Major" memory and RAM memory and one good for Music and maniacal internet surfing. Thank you. J.
  13. Thanks for replying, I'm glad to hear good things about him, I phoned the store and he does a lot of work on locking trems. I would like to give steve gaines a go, I'm sure he's great, i'll have to decide. It's funny you should say that about wavelength as I also never feel fully comfortable in there, I don't know why. Check my reply to marcmellus, I thought of another issue it may be. Bye for now.
  14. Thanks for the reply, Gibbo. I've heard about graphite being mentioned before but usually on standard non locking nuts. Have a read of my post to marcmellus, I came across something that might be an issue, see what you reckon.
  15. Cheers mate, I keep putting effort into solving it, read my post to marcmellus, the old grey matter is still stirring.
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