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  1. Just to let you know, I didn't take it out on the lady in the shop. The lady was polite, as I was with her. I just told her that I was disgusted. I have mentioned this to other people since leaving Crystal Peaks today and they have all said that they will definitely not be going there again. Its not the fault of the staff that they have to charge us more. I bet they actually do get some aggressive people complaining to them. I wouldn't like to be in their shoes. The sandwich and the shelf that I took it from clearly said that the sandwich was £1.55. There were no signs that could be seen saying that I would have to pay more to sit inside.
  2. Would just like to point something out to everyone who goes to Greggs in Crystal Pekas, Sheffield. Did you know that you are charged extra if you eat your food in the shop? I found this today. I have gone to Greggs many times but usually I just take my sandwich with me. I am nearly 8 months pregnant so I needed to sit down whilst myself and my daughter ate our sandwich. When I came to pay for my £1.55 sandwich the lady charged me £1.95. When I asked why the price was different she told me it was because I wasn't taking it away. I told her that I found this disgusting but she just said "They do the same if you go to MacDonalds." I went to sit down and another customer approached me. "Did I hear that correct? Have you been charged extra to eat your sandwich inside?" I told her what happened and she too was disgusted. We both looked around the shop and found nothing that told you of the difference in prices for eating in or out. Just think, most people don't check the price of things when they buy them. So if you buy more than one item you probably won't notice that they have charged you more. I only found out why because I asked.
  3. Myself and my husband are trying to check up on our family tree. Jean Rosalie Goodison - Husband's mother Born 1944, lived in Hackenthorpe Hilda Ronksley - His grandmother Born 1907, lived in Stannington (Cow Gap Farm) We are trying to find to find relatives etc so that we can build our tree up. If anyone can help I would really appreciate it. Thanks
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