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  1. Does anyone know where the charity Christmas card shop which is usually on Chapel Walk has gone to?
  2. The usual pop up charity Christmas card shop is the other side of M&S entrance On Chapel Walk, under the scaffolding. Supports lots of different charities.
  3. A bit more info. My sister was born in 1948 and myself in 1952. I cannot remember her going to dancing class but mum said she used to push me across the fields from Hackenthorpe in a pushchair. It's my sister's 60th birthday this year and I was hoping to do a "this is your life" thing - hence the memories. The drummer outfit she had was only small that's why I assusme 1954/5 ish. I believe Barbara Wade is connected to my family tree somewhere along the line
  4. Does anyone remember Barbara Wade's Dancing School in Woodhouse in the 1950's? I am looking for any information or memories especially about a concert probably 1954/5 ish as my sister went there and was in a Christmas concert dressed as a drummer boy. A photograph would be fantastic but any info on it would be appreciated. Many thanks. PS - this is my first postiing so I apologise if I haven't done it correctly - no doubt someone will put me right.
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