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  1. Just started reading this thread and its nice to see so many people take notice and actually take the time to consider helping. Hopefully this man gets attention if needed and help if wanted. Good on ya peeps
  2. I have to try the Mexican food when I go back to visit.....be an interesting comparison to what we have here.
  3. Firstly, nice job OP. But then i read some of the comments "Boys will be boys" or "Peer pressure" sorry but what a crock. The OP was right to question their homes, why not?. I was a boy growing up but it never crossed my mind to try and harm an animal, that sort of behavior is a lack of empathy and that comes from what these kids see and experience. But yet again there is always someone who gets their feelings hurt by a comment on here or gets offended. What happened to people?...Now we have to walk on eggshells when talking so we don't "offend" someone. Nice job OP, the kids were obviously up to no good and you stood up to them.
  4. Everyone is so PC these days "Be careful what you say" and "Whats wrong with that"...why is it so wrong to say you have a problem with it?. They dont build them to match the surroundings, they stick out like sore thumbs and they have that ridiculous call to prayer. I cannot believe how England is turning....its not about being racist..i dont care what colour someone is or what they believe, just respect your surroundings. God (or Allah) forbid you should have an opinion that may not conform to what is PC these days.
  5. Any more news on this?, was it a suicide?. I used to catch sticklebacks in that pond as a chab. RIP whomever it was.
  6. I grew up on Lopham Street, then lived back in the same area at 20 something. Glad I got out when I did, living there as a white guy was fine, no issues unless you went somewhere you were not supposed too (Catherine Street). Agree with some comments on here, its the calibre of people in the area that makes it. Ghetto's are not built...its the people that turn them that way.
  7. Been away from Sheffield for 15yrs now, when I went back a couple of years ago I knew I was in Sheffield when I smelled the sausage rolls coming out of a bakery and the "Alright chuck" from the lady selling em.
  8. Sounds like Tesco is England's equivalent to our Walmart. used to live down that area off Lopham street...sounds like its changed quite a bit since the 80's
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