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  1. There is also another issue that has not been discussed here (unless I have missed it) The light from these energy saving bulbs is very bad for people with poor sight/partially sighted. I sit in my corner at home trying to read my large print library book. I said to hubby this is ridiculous I can hardly see with this daft light he told me to have 2 lamps I replied well that defeats the object of having energy saving bulbs, burning 2 to get the effect of one. omg some men lol
  2. This happened to me a about a month ago. My hubby took the call initially and after telling the caller that I was the one who used the PC mainly the caller said ok. The next day the Scammer called again and asked for me and said all of the above that my PC was in danger and they were management from microscoft windows. I said "Oh really" they then asked me to switch on my PC and follow instructions they would impart to me. I told them that I was disabled and couldnt get to my PC at that point in time and that I would let my technician look at the problem for me. I had guessed by then that things were not as they should be and this was later verified by an article in The Star. Be very aware like the OP states they can access your PC and download all your data.
  3. I have lived on the Arbourthorn all my life (68) years until just before Christmas when I moved into a bungalow further South near Crystal Peaks. I bought up 2 children on my own and never had any trouble. But things started to get worse in the last 5 years and indeed back in 2001 I was burglared. They had been watching as my hubby and me used to leave the house at the same time every morning and by the time my friend took her dog for a walk and she noticed door opened and other signs of forced entry the place was ransacked ., We also had 3 cars pinched and set on fire. I had some lovely neighbours and loved the house Finnegan built we were in phase 3 for demolition. It is like any other council estate . as has been already stated some good and some bad you will get that all over the world.
  4. Well thanks to this forum and cphilster solving my problems for me. I rang endlessly today to the street force number baout gritting or ploughing my road so that I wouldnt have to cancel flitting yet again. They were not answeering period: I saw the aboves post and rung and he trekked right down our hill to get to me with 2 large bags of rock salt. I am disabled so couldnt help him. It will enable me now to clear my front for the removal men on thursday. Thanks cphilster. you saved my bacon
  5. I should have moved to my new bungalow on thursday 2nd December. Well we all know why I didnt the blooming snow I have had to reschedule for next thursday. But today a snow plough cleared the top of my road Algar on the arbourthorne and didnt even bother to come down our road where many drivers have been stuck and had to dig themselves out., We had to ring the RAC to dig my Mobility car out and now park on the top road. If anyone from the council reads this please can you clear my road for me and all the other old and infirmed people so we can go to the shops and I can get my flitting van down. pretty pleeeeeeeze
  6. My husbad told me that his uncle was home from the frontline after being seriously injured and was ready to go back after a time in hospital He went to have a last drink to wish farewell to his friends etc and then the bomb fell and he was one of the fatalities. I thought this story very moving and goes to show if your number is up then that is it. I also know all the bodies were left there and cover in lime to stop disease and I frequented Marples for many years in the late 70's and 80;s a good meeting place for friends My daughter worked there for a time and said if any of the barstaff had to go down in the cellars for anything they always wwent in twos cos of strange things happenng.
  7. Yes I have one. You have to be receiving the higher rate of mobility payment to qualify. We have a zafira your tax and insurance are included in thee deal and the service etc., all you literally have to do is put in the petrol. You have them brand new and after 3 years get another and so on. On some cars you will have to pay an advanced payment depending on the car you choose(high end of the market models) if your car is in good order after the 3 years when you go for a replacement you will get this advance payment back. Of course the higher rate of payment you receive for mobilty will be deducted from your payments and you have to forfeit this money. I was talking to someone the other day and they thought they could have both the payment and the car. Hope this info helps Pam
  8. come admit it everyone I saw it the other day from commercial street and the colours orange and lemon dont convincingly spring to mind as looking natural to an already ugly building . To sum it up it looks cack!
  9. It was the turn for our blue bin to be emptied today so with tongue in cheek and crossed fingers we put it out last night and I was awoken at about 7.30 by the sound of the bin lorry outside our house doing the job well. Good on them. We also had our black bin emptied on Monday the due day , we are on the arbourthorne
  10. How far down Intake are you. I am registered at the Manor Top Medical Centre on Ridgeway road next to the Library and I have no problems with appointments.
  11. Hiya I take this medication and would appreciate it if you could tell me a little bit more about the programme you saw. I missed it so dont know what the side effects which were discussed. Would be much obliged as I am trying to sort my health out at the moment and eliminate anything that is contributing to the outcome. Thanks in advance
  12. The trouble with the Sheffield Council is that they are knocking down scores of houses for the regeneration schemes but are not building many new ones. Therefore those that do become empty are utilised to re-house the people whose home have been demolished. I myself, am one of those said people awaiting demolition on the Arbourthorne where I have lived all my life. We live in the Finnegan houses with flat roofs. We are in phase 3 and have been told to expect further news to start bidding in 2013. We ave been in limbo since this programme was first Master Planned in late 2004. The thing is they cannot really blame the recession for this non-building programme as it has been going on a lot longer than that.
  13. my daughter used to live at Southey green and she had cable there. I live on the Arbourthorne and we have it in fact I ve had cable since it was first put down Pamx
  14. I Sent off to join them a few years ago cannot remember how long ago but looked forward to learning bookeeping. I only received through the post half of the materials I needed and couldnt start the course. After many phone calls letters (I didnt possess a PC then) telling them that I hadnt received said course work which they adamantly said they had sent they eventually agreed (cos by this time I was fed up) to reimburse my money. Things may have changed by now.
  15. Born Netheredge Hospital Lived on Arbourthorne all my life so a real Tyke thrugh and through
  16. So thats where that UFO landed the other week I know it was flying low. LOL
  17. Well I wish you good luck if you apply and get the job. I first strted work there In 1995 as a temp and progressed from there . I was taken on full time that Christmas. I worked in the Business Capture Centre but after I left many of my friends and work chums from that department were made redundant or found jobs elsewhere in the building. I wanted to stay on until I was 65 but my manager at the time said there might not be a place for me as they were restructuring hence the end of the Business Capture Centre. I had a very good time there and miss all my work colleagues I left on the 30th August 2002 and had a party the next day. I havent had a good laugh since and when I mean a good laugh I mean hysterical laughter bought on by workmates. If a manager had told me to stop laughing on some of these occasions I couldnt have for the life of me. Good Old days outweighed some of the bad times.
  18. when I worked for them before I retired thye had a call centre in the Plaza Buildings at the top of Town Head Street
  19. I went with my daughter the other week in the car so didnt need the bus but I tell you what it is a heck of a hike up the drive so I hope you will be prepared if your Grandfather has problems walking
  20. If they do I have them in my garden. I have never seen so many, I thought they were having a bad time with some disease and dying off. I am glad i have them here cos it shows that they are surviving but they will not let me weed my garden and keep dive bombing me away from the flowers etc., If anyone wants them be my guest, I think I may have a nest as the hedges are alive with them and there is a continual hum from that direction. Honey anyone?
  21. I have lived on the Arbourthorne all my life and in this particular house for 38 years it is a Finnegan house and I love my little back garden I am nearly at the top of a hill but the front and back gardens for 2 solid hours where under the water and all my little flowers drowned then it started to creep towards the back door which is a french window and then it started dripping over the door frame from the roof above into my dining room I had black bags with umpteen towels laid out. ANd then the hail my poor little pansies and busy lizzies. The council will never learn. They do not clean out the grates in the street anymore and if they say they do then they dont do it often enough. It was a regular occurence the lorry coming down the street clearing them out . I can honestly say I cannot remember the last time I saw this happen
  22. I am unfortunately an Alopecian, Ok I can hear all the smarties asking what planet I came from This means I have no hair anywhere on my body and I wear a wig when I go out but this time after the loss of my hair my eye lashes and brows disappeared also. I can make do with the wig but the only outlet for tattooing eyebrows I know of which was given to me by my wig outlet was based in Leeds. As I have very sensitive skin I would have to have a skin test and then return to have the tattoo done. Therefore my friends does anyone know of anywhere in sheffield that does this intrictae work. Much appreciated if you do.
  23. I have worked in several places where I have observed a presence. My first was in a shop on West street in the offices upstairs very weird goings on cannot remember the name was so long ago a name like Sharmans who catered for groceries for the well off. Then there was the Old Number 12 pub which is now closed and last known as Market Tavern on Exchange street. I worked in the Cellar bar there at dinner times in the early 70's and we even had some students down for a paranormal experiment. I sense something evil in the corner where the pianist used to play and the managers wife had experienced something in the flat on the top floor. Then my daughter worked in Marples and wouldnt go down to the cellars for all the tea in china - well we all know what happened there dont we - the bombing in the war. I also worked in The Old queens head I have told this story on another thread. and finally The Olive Grove Pub which is also now closed I used to see a little old lady sitting with a milk stout just near the door of the concert room but no one else could see her. I bet you think because I worked in all these pubs I am an alcoholic LOL but I promise I only have the occasional drink nowadays.
  24. There is a shop just down the side of the Castle market that does this I took my granddaughter a while back to have hers done. It is on the way down towards the side entrance on Waingate
  25. Been here too Arbourthorne and on a minor road as well
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