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  1. i just wanted to know if there was somewhere i could get a tiny measly bowl of soup as a backup incase things didnt improve :S
  2. everything is settled now thanks for replys
  3. i know im stupid ill be the first to admit it but i dont wanna starve just to learn my lesson that seems kinda harsh
  4. im not robbin from bins although its tempting since ive known people who do it, just dont think i could do it though. pc isnt worth selling and i cant eat it, im already selling other things just thought id see if there were anywhere i could get a small meal to keep me going as a backup if i need it
  5. Anyone know of any places that are open? I never had to use one before and im not homeless but in a bad financial situation now where i got no money and no food for another week and im kinda desperate. I can manage on very little usually but just finished the last protein ration bar (lol) and still got a week to go
  6. no problem =) edit- sorry this was a joke i have no idea why i wrote it
  7. Oh by "homepage" I mean in my profile someone had added a gay site as my "homepage" not my actual homepage on my computer.
  8. lmao yeah i know i dont mind, i thought it was pretty funny myself but just wondering if its gonna happen again and again :S
  9. I think I know who it was, dunno if admin can check IPs for this far back but look at Dana- and her last login time then I bet she did it about then. Some people need to grow up and get on with it. Last Activity: 06-08-2009 01:31
  10. Hi someone must have hacked my login at some point cause my homepage was changed to a gay website, I have no idea how long its been like that but whoever it was... i hate you, lol...
  11. Wouldn't say its a "load of crap" there's PLENTY of other stuff around thats way worse than The Events. I think it's just not entirely living up to the hype.
  12. The 16gb are out of stock everywhere! Maybe 32 soon too I guess... stop buying them until I get mine, LOL!
  13. hey abz could you clear your PM folder? It's full and I cant msg you. Sorry to post this here but I cant contact you anywhere else
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