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  1. The thing to remember here is the quality of "Customer Service" offered by BT nowadays. Should you decide to go for their Vision system, you will at some point need to call them for advice, information, technical help etc ,and believe me, it will not be a pleasant experience. You will be passed from pillar to post, have to work your way through endless menus, and then when you finally DO get to speak to a human, it will no doubt be someone in Bangalore who won't have much idea of what your problem is, and won't really care. You will have to explain your problem over and over to many different people, and still be left with a non working system. Is it really worth the hassle? Personally, I would rather pierce my eyeballs with red-hot skewers.

  2. Acoustic night at the Anvil, Stannington every Sunday from 9:15 ish till about 12ish. Bring your guitar, mouth organ, fiddle, etc or borrow one from us, and give us a song or two. If you can play the piano we'd love to see you, as ours is not receiving the love and attention to its ivories that it really needs. Resident guitarist and singer Dave Friskney here too every week. Come and join Magneteer, LogieBaird, and a few others for a decent pint and some good tunes.

  3. I've worked in there on a few occasions when I worked for BT, installing equipment. I can also remember attending one of those ridiculous "Involving Everyone" exercises there. However, the building was closed and sold off some years ago and is now,I believe, a flooring warehouse.

  4. Acoustic night at the Anvil on Stannington Road. 5 mins walk from Malin Bridge tram terminus.

    Sunday nights start around 9:15 till 12. Bring your guitar/harmonica/banjo/fiddle or even borrow one from us, and give us a song. Do you play piano? great, we've got one of those too! Cask ales on..... Farmer's Blonde & Doom Bar. See you there.

  5. I have just fitted a new hot water heat exchanger to my 10 yr old Vokera Linea 24, but now find that the flow rate to taps/shower is much reduced. Could it be that some other component has coincidently failed at the same time, flow switch diaphragm, diverter, thermister, etc.

    Would appreciate any ideas/suggestions. Thanks

  6. We live on the same road where this particular gang of scooter riding youths have made their HQ, only one of them lives on here but all his mates use his house to meet up. Of course, his parents won't hear a word said against the annoying little scrote ( but then they are out most of the time) Then, they are constantly up and down......in and out, making the most anti social racket imaginable. They are only gone for 10 minutes at a time, and then they're back. It's a nightmare. I often wish for just one of them to come a cropper on a wet road, just enough to put the whole gang off scootering forever. I suppose in a couple of years they'll progress to revving up old Subaru turbo-nutter thragbastard type cars on the end of the road before drag racing off up Loxley for a spin.

  7. Fully agree with Mr. Benn, they make it so difficult for people wanting to actually use the dumpit sites that much as I despise fly tipping myself, I can fully understand why many people resort to it. Why, if I'm wanting to use a trailer or a van to take rubbish to the tip do I have to fill in their forms or make appointments etc ?? Many folk are able to borrow vans/trailers etc rather than mess up the car or carry larger items. Then, once your'e in there, it's like a scene from "It's a knockout" with people struggling up those ridiculous steps with heavy bags etc to get it into the skip.

    This is all counter-productive and expensive for the council, because once the folk who decide not to take part in this comedy of errors, decide instead to drop off their trash in some field or lay-by, the council then has to send out teams of men, lorries and skips etc to clean it all up,,,,,obviously at great expense to the Sheffield Taxpayer. grrrr.

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