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  1. Hey up mate, I'm out of this conversation We are both embarrassing ourselves Good night and goodbye !
  2. Evening Mr Bloke Wednesdayites obsessed with commenting about the Blades, nowt else to do with their miserable lives !! Mmmm anything you say. What about leaving the Forum
  3. Hi Sibon and thanks for your reply HOWEVER, you are a silly little boy with your attitude towards United, grow up and get a life !
  4. Got agree with your comment Alex I will open my gob by saying we could get well and truly stuffed on Tuesday night. That's a realistic comment after seeing how Forest attacked us on Saturday Must say I will read with interest the match reports from Wednesdayites
  5. Can't tell you how much Blades fans appreciate the comments from Wednesdayites, that is appreciate sensible comments not some of the tripe that comes forth !
  6. Remember it well, had a ticket for the game, but gave it to my lad
  7. Passed today and closing down notices in the window Surprised they have stayed open as long as they have Bought my wedding suite from there in 1970, cost me £40 Still got the coat !
  8. Doesn't respect, consideration and common sense come into it ?
  9. Or by reading the football section on the forum
  10. I always enjoy reading the posts on here. I do wonder how old some of you are, whether or not you still have a dummy and wet your pants !!
  11. How come we have Owls supporters on this thread, go away and count the spots on your sago pudding Concentrate on your own team and wait for the flack if you miss out on the play offs A reality check ! Considering the season as a whole, the Blades have done remarkably well. How would we perform in the Premiership, not at all well Too much sorting out to be done in the close season with the squad Do you want to watch most games in the Premiership at those ridiculous times ? I am not confident about Sunday's game, United don't win those sort of matches I still have nightmares about Thanksgivens day It's only a game lads !!
  12. Hey up Blades, have a look at the match on YouTube
  13. Just listened to the match, 0-1 down and I almost turned off 2nd half sounded as though we blew them away ! Steady on says I, still a long way to go to the promised land !
  14. Answering my own question Was on the 5 Weirs on Saturday the 17th The section alongside the Smelting Company is still closed
  15. Went to the Flower Market this morning on Castlegate, very impressed, nice atmosphere. Some fine work by the council !
  16. No problem ! Baiting doesn't bother me, neither do the Owls. United aren't going up that's for certain Thanks for that Mr Top, very informative !
  17. Must thank Wednesdayites for their contributions. However, don't bother again !!!
  18. Positions change after every game. We have to win all those remaining matches or depend on losses by those around us. Often said, it will go to the wire ! Blades in the Premier league for one season, I will take that !
  19. Memories of the Clegg Shield semi final in 1962 at the Ball Inn Ground. I played for Newfield v Shirecliffe. Shirecliffe were 3 up and we came back to beat them 5-3
  20. Is the 5 Weirs open yet alongside the Sheffield Smelting Company ?
  21. Too right Ridgewalk that Berge and MGW will leave the club. How long can Billy go on for ? McGoldrick blows hot and cold We need goals from McBurnie I can't see Fulham and Bournemouth staying up more than a season Oh for those memories of walking down to the Lane with my Dad to watch Jimmy destroy the opposition 3 -00 pm every Saturday. KO 4-30 pm on a Sunday afternoon, can't get my breathe !
  22. Lets bring some reality into this conversation. If we go up which personally I doubt, with injuries keeping lads out and the odd terrible performance we saw against Stoke could be repeated. We go up and what happens. With the squad we have one big struggle Will we buy, I doubt it One season in the Premier would be good, but those b----y kick off times I ask you. Does 70 years of watching the Blades give me a negative attitude ?
  23. Thanks cuttsie for an honest reply, fair enough, I underestimated your cycling experience !
  24. Hi Cuttsie, please expand on the fact you rode up Baslow Hill with Tom Simpson. How long was that for ? Perhaps Tom wasn't feeling too well or was you on a motor bike ? I think the truth is being stretched ! Put me and other interested cyclists right please Thanks from a guy who knows what cycling up Baslow Hill is really like especially when you have already cycled 60 miles
  25. I am curious to know top4718 why you are so interested in United's financial affairs. Is it because you just love to antagonise or are you just a TROLL You never fail to step in with comments when the Blades affairs are mentioned Makes no difference to me, just curious ! You are placing too much strain on poor old Alex whom I am sure is waiting to give you a blast of his opinion. Leave it alone dear boy and concentrate on the Owls
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