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  1. 74 and still wanting to work, Mr Hodgson must be millionaire
  2. My pals dad Dick Applegate worked on the track and was injured by a detonator. I remember him walking down the path off Archer Road on his way to an allotment somewhere adjacent to the sheds Where exactly were those allotments and how many were there or his my memory from 60+ years ago playing tricks with me ?
  3. Hey up you good collecting type people Has anyone got a cut throat razor made by Needham Veall and Tyzack If so, please let me know Many thanks !
  4. Nah Den Wednesdayites, it's make up your mind time. Do you like Darren or don't you, some of you change your opinion every week !
  5. Just to add to my post In the book Memories of the Sheffield Blitz in Heeley and thereabouts compiled by the Heeley History Workshop on page 23 there is a photo of the location today Thanks Organgrinder and cuttsie for your contributions
  6. This is a long shot as is said ! My grandparents Tom and Lily Robinson were living at 279 Gleadless Road at the time of the Blitz In 2 of the houses opposite no's 356 & 358 there were 2 fatalities due a bomb strike, Arthur Jenkinson at 358 and William Wallace at 356 I am interested if possible to find what damage was caused to my grandparents house I can't ever recall and I have just contacted an older cousin, any family conversation relating to damage caused By a remote chance are then any descendants out there of those 2 lads who were killed
  7. Not been on the 5 Weirs for a while Is the section alongside the Sheffield Smelting Co still closed ?
  8. Good evening top4718 and thanks for a sensible reply !
  9. Good morning trastrick. Are you referring to Primrose View ? Wen I worra lad I wandered all round there and Primrose View is the only location I remember that you could access the cinema from Broadfield Road. There was a shop at the bottom from where we bought whatever we fancied after leaving Heeley Baths. Posted the above message before reading Rockers rule reply !
  10. Good evening Rockers rule. I have that map in one of my books. Close to where my parents were on the night of the Blitz, a bomb fell on properties on Fieldhead Road at Highfields. Mom who was sheltering in the house cellar with my elder brother said how the house shook. Dad was on fire watch duty with other lads. What a job that was, not knowing if you would be blown away.
  11. Good evening Rocker rule and thanks. Wasn't aware that the city suffered more air raids after December 1940 Presumably this would have been an isolated hit !
  12. Good evening Rockers rule, Alextopman and Jim Hardie Thanks for your replies I had seen those photos myself, but of course as you state they are after the Blitz Going to have to get some more clarification from my pal, I presumed he was saying the road suffered bomb damage If so, then those houses have been well repaired !
  13. I have had an enquiry from a pal in New Zealand, a Sheffield lad who was born on Little London Place. He is wanting to know if there are any books with photos of the location after the blitz of 1940 I haven't yet had the chance to browse in either my local library or one of the book shops in town.
  14. What were you told after your hip replacement regarding taking part in an impact sport such as running ? Were you recommended hydrotherapy ? If you have taken part in an impact sport after a hip replacement, has your hip given you any problems ?
  15. I went to Wolverampton to see United in a cup match in around 1965 alongside 100's of other Blades fans. We were b----y awful and got smashed 3-0. Joe Shaw had a nightmare game !
  16. I am really very keen on staying alive as long as possible !!!!!
  17. I am not popping off anywhere and neither am I sensitive You keep many topics on here going like fire ! Keep posting, there's always some one who will reply. i won't be using the block feature, you brighten up my day !
  18. Quite right dear fellow, it is a dual footy forum and well done in being interested in all the coming and goings of local football. However your financial interest in SUFC is at times OTT. Now it doesn't bother me and I have never intimated that it does the fact we are ' totally skint ' as you put it. There is no such thing as a Blades only forum, too many folks from other clubs to interfere. I have been watching and supporting the Blades for almost 70 years and always taken an interest in the fortunes of the Owls Nothing surprises me, lots of what happens within football today disgusts me. A challenge for you, try making this forum a better place !
  19. Good afternoon top4718 and welcome to this post, not for one minute did I think you wouldn't resist contributing ! A question for you. Why is the financial situation at Bramall Lane of so much interest to you Did someone on the Forum incite you in some way, it's a subject you won't let drop. You may have before I can' t remember, have explained the financial situation at your club, would you mind doing it again. I don't doubt that you are a likeable and hard working bloke, but there are chaps on here that think otherwise. The comment about the fact there are m----y a---s on here I believe may allude to you, do correct me if I am wrong ! Managers come, managers go. At Sheffield 6 you know that very well. Hecky may be a cheap option I await your response when he gets us promoted Have a good day
  20. Good morning bassett one. Could I respectfully ask you as a die hard Wednesdayite to express views concerning your own club. This thread will no doubt turn into a load of TOSH !! with additions from you know who !
  21. Do we know the official explanation for the non appearance of Keith Edwards this season ?
  22. Hi Michael, remember the company well, not because I worked there, I had 2 good pals who worked at Viners, Tony Wood, sadly deceased and Mick Malpass who i haven't seen in 50 years.
  23. My paternal Grandfather was a Wednesdayite, more than likely because he lived close to the Owls Olive Grove ground. Why my Dad became a Blade I don't know, probably because he didn't get on well with his father. Dad first took me to the Lane in the early 50's. When I first took my lads the Blades were in the 4th division !
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