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  1. Those chicks have obviously heard about my comment in post 79. They are now sat where we can see them !
  2. Damned inconsiderate of those chicks to sit in the corner out of view of the camera !
  3. Looking at 21-13 Tuesday 19th Where are the chicks ? Hope they are just out of view !
  4. Good morning abbeyedges ! They certainly did, played for Neill's on there many times, also played on those pitches when they belonged to Brunswick Trinity church at Highfields in Sheffield. When the church sold that land to Neill's which I think was around 1967, Neill's paid £11000.
  5. Anyone in contact today or know the whereabouts of either Pauline ( married name not known ) or Norman Pass who once lived on Abbeydale Road adjacent to Wolseley Road in Sheffield ?
  6. I read chicks have arrived at Salisbury Cathedral ! Come on Sheffield chicks, look everyday to see if you have arrived.
  7. Read back pages in todays Sheffield Star, a depressing read if it all happens.
  8. Hi TezzaG, please expand on why you have posted the above Thanks !
  9. My pal heard one the other day near to Sir William Hill at Grindleford, also saw a Swallow !
  10. Anyone heard a Cuckoo, if so when and where ?
  11. Hi DJ, your details are on my list
  12. Cycled past Damflask this morning. Think half the cars in Sheffield were parked up alongside.
  13. I have a Hotmail a/c ending .com My wife is also on Hotmail her a/c ending co.uk Some but not all of the mail she forwards onto me I am not receiving ? Some mail supposed to have been sent to me from other sources also hasn't arrived in my Inbox, also checked my Spam Also checked my blocked senders What could be the problem ?
  14. Hi Skimking The recipe for making that oh so delicious ice cream was more closely guarded than the crown jewels ! My cousin's husband, Roy Middleton, used to drive a van for the Battle family. He tried his hardest to find how the stuff was made, but never managed it.
  15. Hi ladies, remember you both, not that well, we are talking 60 years ago ! I have my doubts the reunion will happen in either June or July, perhaps later in the year or even next year Will keep updating Hope you have both had a good and successful life ! RS
  16. Having been told that during this present situation air pollution has decreased, has anyone observed towards the various locations on the eastern horizon ?
  17. 8-16 am Sat 11th. Our Sheffield bird is just enjoying his breakfast !
  18. Come on you Blades & Owls, some more memories please ! How about these 2 choices 26 Feb 1968 and the debut of a certain Mr T Currie who scored You couldn't have predicted how the future for that lad would unfold ! 2 May 1981 Thanksgivensday ! Not much to say really, never felt as bad after a game !
  19. Anyone remember Mick Malpass, I believe worked in time organisation and control Worked there around mid 60's
  20. I am one of the 1.5 million considered a risk during the present Pandemic I have received loads of texts giving advice on all sorts for which I am grateful, I have also received advice on paper from my GP practice. I am fortunate during this sad time in being able to manage my situation without any cause for concern My heart goes out to those at this time who for whatever reason are struggling with life in general Chin up folks, we will be back to normal one day !!
  21. Hi there and thanks for the info about the Owls v West Ham Long time ago and the memory fades
  22. Hey up Wednesdayites ! Went to Hillsborough early 60's I think You stuffed West Ham about 6-0, Bobby Moore and all I was stood behind the goal on the Leppings Lane end, seemed that every time Wednesday attacked they scored Was you at that match ?
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