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  1. First visit in this thread since yesterday afternoon. Glad that a large chunk of people DO think that blocking off the doorway of a shop is anti-social. Had no problems this lunchtime though, you will all be pleased to report.
  2. I'm sorry to hear that. My thoughts are with you at this difficult time.
  3. Yes, its only 10 minutes. Or a third of my lunch break, put a different way. So you think it is acceptable practice for three people to completley block off the exit to Boots? Therefore I did not see why I had to say "excuse me" when they were clearly in the wrong. People dont learn anything if you pussy-foot around them, which the authorities seem to do to most groups of people in life these days. But thats an argument for another thread. I have accepted the anti-social behaviour of people in town for long enough now. Mothers treating their prams as bulldozers, people in wheelchairs who think they have the right of way just because they are in a wheelchair, people blocking doors, people suddenly stopping dead in the street and causing me to almost walk into them(and in some cases doing a full 180 degree turn and walking into me!), charity workers giving me verbals, people trying to get into a lift with a pram even before I have got out... I could go on. The time is over for pleasantries and "Being British" as far as I am concerned. If someone is in the wrong, I'm going to bloody well tell them. And this involves blocking exits to shops
  4. To spend their £7.20 an hour in Greggs, judging by the Talk Talk gaggle I saw hanging outside the one next to the Bankers Draft one day last week - there were about 15 of them, pasties in hand, all ready to pounce on the unsuspecting public with their rubbish broadband and phone packages that you cant escape from.
  5. Or those that stand there with an umbrella... under a bus shetler. WHY??????? Damo has a point. Either I run my live in a state of frantic urgency and run round town everywhere whilst everyone is quite normal, or everyone else is a thick as a plank, having no conception of their surroundings and thinking they are the only people in town.
  6. OK, so was out in town at lunchtime today, when that downpour started which caused a mini-river in town. As I needed some lunch, I hot-footed it into Boots. Well, at least I tried to hot-foot it in. As the entrance was more or less completely blocked off by ignorant cretins who obviously have no conception that the space they are occupying is the way in and out of the building! Rain or not, either go outside and get wet, or stay in the main body of the building for a bit longer. The way out was worse. I chose to exit via the non-automatic doors at the Alliance and Leicester end of Boots. I was met with three ladies completely blocking off the door for me to get out, stood there gawping at the rain. Annoyed by this point as my dinner half-hour was evaporating fast, I said aloud "Would you mind not blocking the exit please"? The middle woman moved to the side, and allowed me out. However I heard her calling me a n*b after I walked past! No madam, you are the n*b for blocking a fire escape and the route out of a building. Not all of us have time on our lunch break to gaze at the majesty of the British summer weather and wonder when there will be a break in the rain. Just needed to get that out. :rant:
  7. I see this response is as articulate and consise as your previous four
  8. That has set me thinking - so does the crazy Afro-Carribean woman who plays religious music from a ghetto blaster whilst dancing and shout religious mottos need a permit as well? Methinks she would probably get away with it for the obvious reasons...
  9. I'm gonna have to give this place a try to see if its as rubbish as you lot are all saying. Where abouts is it? Did not think there was a chippy at that end of Ecclesall Road. IS it on the same side as the Pomona or the Nursery Tavern, and how far up from the roundabout?
  10. You reckon? Someone I work with has a 15 year old daughter, who goes out of her way to avoid doing things with her family because she finds them "embarrassing"! So imagine if you were a 14 year old boy competing at a school sports day. Nobody turns up, except for your mother, older sister and perhaps your gran. They try and attract you attention by waving at you whilst you are stood in a group with your mates. Would none of you find that embarassing? I know I would. Most children of that age are mortified at the thought of doing anything with their family.
  11. I went to a grammar school which did the same thing - the "sports day" was not really as such (there were no egg and spoon races or anything like that), it was all proper athletic displines. It was held on a Wednesday afternoon in July each year, and as early as I can remember (1995), no parents were invited. So its not a recent thing. You would probably find that most of the pupils at a secondary school would be embarrassed beyond belief if their entire family came in tow!
  12. Not at all. Just saying that its likely that most people will stay in bed longer when hungover. I know I do.
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