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  1. My mum and dad used to call a couple who walked regularly up and down the “eight foot “ - remember those? - next to our house “ nibble and plink”. I haven’t the foggiest where that came from. Hope it’s not rude 🤭
  2. I forget to display my blue badge some years ago when parked in a disabled bay at Asda Handsworth. We had a drive round to see if we could find the person giving out the tickets but had no success. So I went to customer services with the badge and was told to appeal in writing to the company whose details were on the ticket. So I did just that. I said in the letter that I was guilty as charged and it was my oversight. But as it was my first "offense" would they be prepared to over look the penalty on this occasion? My appeal was successful so I reckon it's worth a try.
  3. Thanks for that. I was a bit strapped for time and didn't walk that far up.
  4. Does anyone know if we have one in Sheffield this year? Went to the place near the end of Chapel Walk today but it's just an ordinary card shop now. Didn't have time to see if it's back at the Cathedral again. Hope someone is able to enlighten me!
  5. T Bond Bakery at Handsworth - more commonly referred to as Bond's - do a selection of the most delicious pies. They do tray bakes to order. Everything is baked on the premises. I almost feel loathe to give them a plug because that means there will be less for the locals! Seriously though it is the most fantastic little shop. Family owned. Nothing is too much trouble and all the staff are very friendly. Well worth a trip.
  6. Thank you both kidneysone and mikeG
  7. Some time ago now I rang the TT helpline and was surprised to be greeted with a familiar northern accent. When I expressed surprise I was advised that there was a call centre operating in the UK. I have found a number which appears to be based in the UK but if I dial it it takes me through the call centres based abroad. My brother in law is now experiencing major problems after recently moving to TT. His landline is not accepting calls although he is able to make them. He now has broadband but has not bought a PC yet. He has his mobile through TT but that is not working either. My hubby spent the best part of two hours ,on and off speaking to various people, and got nowhere. Eventually he was cut off so he gave up. Has anyone got a number that would guarantee that I could speak to someone in the UK please? Any help would be much appreciated.
  8. Hi Valerie I don't know you as you were leaving school just as I was about to start. But I wonder if you have had a look at the "Woodbourn Road School" site on Facebook? Less than two weeks ago I met a wonderful lady called Diane Lyons with whom I'd had no contact for 58 years! We had so much to talk about and it was lovely reunion. I lived on Cottingham Street until 1959 when we moved out of the area. My name then was Susan Watson and I remember quite a few of the people who are in the photos that were recently posted on the Woodbourn Road Facebook page. Hope that you have some success hearing from some of the people that you have mentioned. Me and Diane are going to meet again later in the year.
  9. Thanks iansheff. We have tried calling two different numbers several times today but no one has picked up the phone and there was no answerphone facility. Also emailed them but again no response. Will try the number you have given tomorrow.
  10. We've tried the local Co-op today ( Swallownest ) and Del's supermarket but had no luck. If anyone has seen this in their own local Co-op could you please let me know where this is? Once again thanks so much for looking. ---------- Post added 01-09-2016 at 20:49 ---------- Oh and thanks cuttingedge but it has to be Ye Olde Oak I'm afraid. My hubby says he catches more fish on this stuff than any other brand!
  11. That's the one! But it states "item unavailable ". Thanks for taking the trouble to look.
  12. I realise that this is an unusual request but does anyone know where I can buy the 300g tins from please? It must be the luncheon meat and not the tinned ham. Used to be able to buy it in the various Pound shops and occasionally in a supermarket but it seems to have disappeared off the shelves! Can anyone help please? Many thanks in advance.
  13. I was also there from 1962 to 1967. My name then was Susan Watson. Sorry but I don't recall your wife's name so we must have been in different classes throughout those 5 years. I definitely recommend looking at the photos on the Omnes Amici website. So many familiar faces and names that had been long forgotten. Hope we get more people posting from those years.
  14. I knew of someone who had the spinal block with sedative when having bi-lateral hip surgery. It worked extremely well and that is why I elected to go down the same route. It is a very successful and completely safe way of operating. If you have already had your pre-op I think you should ring the hospital asap and ask if you can have the surgery via this method - assuming that's what you want to do. Hopefully they will discuss it with you. Good luck. Oh - and forget the embarrassment thing - what's the point in fretting about that!
  15. I had both my hips replaced 3 years ago with a 2 month gap between each operation. Elected for an epidural - or spinal block as it is sometimes known -each time along with a sedative. This puts you in to a deep sleep - I felt and heard nothing. Recovery time is much quicker that with a general anaesthetic. I'm sure you'll be fine.
  16. As the title says really. I'd like to buy these in Sheffield if at all possible rather than order over the internet. I see that there was a similar thread a couple of years ago and that a couple of outlets in Castle market were mentioned. Does anyone know if any of these businesses have transferred to the Moor market or of any other shops that may sell them?
  17. I also had to make inquiries on Good Friday regarding an emergency dentist and the number I was given is 08447 368440. Hope this helps.
  18. My son has just had a fence erected. The wood has already been "treated" and he quite likes the colour as it is. So my question is this - does anyone know where we could buy a clear fence preservative - preferably one that can be sprayed on? The only clear stuff we can see is for decking and it is very expensive compared to the other types that most people use, you know, the coloured variety such as green or various shades of brown. Hope someone out there can help.
  19. You really should check out Kidz Kingdom at Westfield - opposite Direct Cars. Their party packages - four different price ranges depending on what your needs are - have a reputation for being fantastic value for money. Check out their website. Their telephone number is 0114 2475989. I'm sure you'll not be disappointed if you book.
  20. Hi Derrick I'm about to 'pm' you - if I can manage it! Sue
  21. Hi Rose Nope, the "Marian Richardson Script " means nothing to me so that must have been after I left in 1959. Also wanted to let you know that I've managed to post the school photo but it's in the " History and Expats " section under " Woodburn School ". Take a look and let me know if you're on it. Are you the girl with ringlets stood in the third row back by any chance ? Let me know if there are any names you remember that we haven't already mentioned. Regards Sue
  22. Here is my class school photo taken around 1956 or 1957. Miss Hill was the head mistress and I think the name of the teacher was Miss Smith. I left the school in 1959 so there are only a handful of names that I can recall. Some of you may recognise yourself or maybe your mums and dads - or even grandparents I suppose !! My name then was Susan Watson. I am on the second row, 5th from the left with my hands tucked between my knees. Oh happy days !
  23. Please consider contacting Mark of mfddeisgn. We had him to do some work for us only last week. We were so impressed that I posted on the forum within hours of him completing the job. Totally professional in all aspects of his work and very reasonably priced. You can email him on info@mfddesignandbuild.co.uk or ring on 07817 851 507.
  24. Hi Rose Diane Cooper doesn't ring a bell but Diane Stewart does. She lived at the top of Worthing Road and I played with her a lot. I don't think she is on the photo either. The only person I kept in touch with was a girl called Andrea Cook - married name Powell. She was the eldest of four and had a brother called Alan and a sister called Julie. I even went to her wedding but we lost touch. Then out of the blue, many years later, we met up again at Slimming World! We exchanged Christmas cards thereafter. I then found out by chance that she had died of pancreatic cancer - this was just over 2 years ago. She hadn't mentioned that she was ill in her last card. I went to the funeral at Handsworth church and it was standing room only. Lots of Beatles songs were played and it was a very moving ceremony. Regards Sue
  25. Hello again Rosemarie I didn't go on the school trip to London so that must have happened after I left which was around June/July 1959. One thing I do remember attending was some kind of dancing session which was held upstairs in a pub which I think was called the Bulldog? Do you remember that at all? I'll ask my son if he can put the photo on here so you can have a look at it. Take care Sue
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