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  1. Many thanks for your response. I think that dad did have a brother called John. In fact I think he had two and both were called to serve in WW2 but dad wasn’t for some reason. I also think he lived on East Terrace - I think I remember seeing on a document in the long and distant past. I wouldn’t have a clue if his nickname was “muss”!! A very kind gentleman who posts on here under the name of “hillsbro” has been extremely helpful. Again thank you for taking the trouble to reply.
  2. Thanks so very much to everyone for the advice you have given. No problems so far today 🤞 🤞
  3. Thank you for your very informative post. I’m now completely baffled! I’m hoping that when my son is eventually able to come over that he can sort it for us. I may be mistaken but this seems to have started since we bought a new Humax recorder. We paid to have it fitted. But as I said it just may be coincidence. Anyhow thanks once again for taking the trouble to reply
  4. Well I’ve done the re-tune and it hasn’t solved the problem! I’m beginning to think that it must be a problem with the transmitter(s). Since my earlier post I’ve checked and found that other areas of the country are also experiencing problems. Still think it’s very strange though.
  5. Thanks I’ll give it a try
  6. Apologies if this subject has recently been brought up but is anyone else in the Sheffield/Rotherham having problems with their Freeview service? It seems to be the ITV channels which go down most frequently but BBC can be a tad temperamental too.
  7. Thank you once again Hillsboro. Since yesterday I’ve been having a good think about what caused the rift between my dad and his parents. He was a colliery surface worker at Walewood pit throughout the war years and beyond. But I believe that both brothers went to war and both survived. Unsurprisingly they returned to a hero’s welcome which I assume continued for many months. I think dad felt very pushed out by all the attention - as if the job he’d been doing wasn’t worthy of any praise. I can’t thank you enough really I can’t. I’m totally useless at this type of thing and not computer savvy! I might let slip my mother’s maiden name slip - which was very unusual - at some point to see what you can dig up.It’s like long lost family 😊 Many,many thanks
  8. Thank you so much! Yes this is the correct family as I remember my grandad’s name and the names of his two sisters. I must have gleaned this information from my mum. I thought that there were a couple of brothers too but they must have been born after 1911. I never knew my grandmother’s name or place of birth. Thank you once again 🙏
  9. Thank you minertone. I’ll just have to live in hope!
  10. My dad was born in Wales/Wales Bar in 1905. His birth was registered in Eckington which must have been quite a distance to travel in those days. He left in December 1948 to marry my mum never to return. I didn’t find out why - it was just something that I knew must not be talked about. Consequently I have never had any contact with his family. His name was William Leslie Watson and he had several siblings. When I was around 16 years of age (1967) an old friend of his called Ernest Harper managed to track him down. I’ve no idea how he managed it. I think his mum - my grandma who I’d never met - was nearing the end of her life and she wanted to see him. He refused even though I begged him to take me. After he passed away I found a very old newspaper cutting regarding a woman’s body being found in the river Rother. It was one of his sisters and she had committed suicide. I think she was living at Beighton at this time. If any of this rings the slightest of bells it would be nice to hear from you. I must have/had cousins but as dad was over 40 when he married for the first time it’s probable that most are no longer with us. Thank you for taking the time to read.
  11. My mum and dad used to call a couple who walked regularly up and down the “eight foot “ - remember those? - next to our house “ nibble and plink”. I haven’t the foggiest where that came from. Hope it’s not rude 🤭
  12. I forget to display my blue badge some years ago when parked in a disabled bay at Asda Handsworth. We had a drive round to see if we could find the person giving out the tickets but had no success. So I went to customer services with the badge and was told to appeal in writing to the company whose details were on the ticket. So I did just that. I said in the letter that I was guilty as charged and it was my oversight. But as it was my first "offense" would they be prepared to over look the penalty on this occasion? My appeal was successful so I reckon it's worth a try.
  13. Thanks for that. I was a bit strapped for time and didn't walk that far up.
  14. Does anyone know if we have one in Sheffield this year? Went to the place near the end of Chapel Walk today but it's just an ordinary card shop now. Didn't have time to see if it's back at the Cathedral again. Hope someone is able to enlighten me!
  15. T Bond Bakery at Handsworth - more commonly referred to as Bond's - do a selection of the most delicious pies. They do tray bakes to order. Everything is baked on the premises. I almost feel loathe to give them a plug because that means there will be less for the locals! Seriously though it is the most fantastic little shop. Family owned. Nothing is too much trouble and all the staff are very friendly. Well worth a trip.
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