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  1. The Mayor had the most uninspiring speech I have had to endure! He read mainly from a sheet which was a very poor effort. The leader of the council was so over patronising and had, what I thought, a really poor speech as well. The interviews with the team, coach, her old sports master and of course Jessica herself were brilliant. Just a shame about the Mayor and Leader of the Council. Just my opinion!
  2. Just don't get sucked into their pyramid selling scheme by becoming a distributor!
  3. My bold, what does it matter if he is territorial or regular and whether or not he is going away? This has absolulty no bearing on anything that you have written and it pointless background information. Have you got something against the holders of MoD90's and the Welsh or Welsh servcice men and women? A MoD90 is an official document and so can be used to prove the holders identity and it is an offence for another person to use it. As Zippy has said, there is no DoB information on it and so cannot be used to prove their age. The bearer should be careful about where he shows his MoD90, as people have said, clubs and bars may not allow your entry, especially in large groups. You'd be best to man up and ask him or wind your neck in, accent or not, no one on here will be able to give you an answer. Regards, SB
  4. It amuses me as well that the OP wants to register their "discust", where there were 8,000 + who are in full support of the event. There are worse things in life to be worried about. The fact that a few city centre, and periphery, roads were closed is nothing to be getting worried about.
  5. Can an 11 & 13 yr old have debit cards? I would suppose that also dependant upon which card they had (if they can have cards at all) they could have withdrawn money in order that they had sufficient funds available to pay for their fare?
  6. Thats what I like about these races. I know of people who are working hard to improve their fitness and loose weight and use this race as a challange to prove to themselves how well they have done. It is a great run to get involved with if you do not have any experience and want to get some miles under your belt.
  7. There have been road signs up around the city for well over a week and matrix signs letting drivers know of the event and it was on Hallam FM informing people that there would be disruptions. I have been diverted during other events and have not minded as the delay has been so minimal. I ran today and to have people running along the route on pavements has to be the most ridiculous idea I have heard all day! ! How will 8,000 runners fit on to the pavement and complete the run in a competitive time whilst trying not to be injured by motorists driving along the roads and without getting in the way of pedestrians? The roads we mostly opened from 1400hrs onwards, the race brought from what I saw a lot of interest to Sheffield so for those that were inconvenienced by the road closures perhaps should pay greater attention to the numerous temporary road signs and radio broadcasts and leave a little earlier.
  8. I did this last year and had an enjoyable day, completed it in 1hr 03mins. Did a 'race' in May around the Top Gear Test Track and finished in 55mins. I havent done any training for this one which is silly but hope to at least match the 55 mins through rugby fitness!! Foolish me thinks!!
  9. What are the details for this event? I am always on another Parade so have never managed to make the one in the City centre.
  10. Rollwithit, I can see your point of view, however, I dont quite see that the Battle of Britain was a mistake in any which way. Had the Royal Air Force, commonwealth and allied pilots not have fought then the outcome of the war could have been very different. Addmittedly, it would have been preferable that the need for them to fight never arose, however, the need was there and they paid the ultimate sacrifice and for that I think that they should still be remembered. For the sake of the veterans at the very least who lost friends during these battles. It gives them a formal chance for them to remember those they lost. Positive community actions are praised, and quite rightly so. I think that remembering such events as the Battle of Britain and Battle of Arnhem etc is very important and an important part of the heritage and history of Britain.
  11. Very true. We were able to complete the memorail around the Cenotaph which was good. We were able to pay our respects and lay wreaths. It was the parade to and from the Catherderal which would have completed the day. There is always next year.
  12. It isn't OTT as such. The parade consited of about 110 cadets plus 15 or so staff, the Oughtibridge Brass Band, the standard bearers so for the Police were needed for the parade to proceed along the road safely. You have to bear in mind that as there were cadets involved there is a duty of care over them and due to insurances and permissions given by Headquarters Air Cadets, the parade would only have been permitted to proceed along the intended route with Police supervision. As it happened, the parade marched in single file to the catherderal which was a shame.
  13. It was a real shame not to have the police support at the parade this afternoon. There was police support last year and the parade went very well. It was great to see all of the Air Cadets on parade, showing that there are young men and women who will give up a part of their weekend to honour and remember those who fell in the Battle of Britain and the Battle of Arnhem and not to sit at home in front of the TV or their games console as it seems so many do. It was also great to see the few veterans who were able to turn out for the parade as well. Sadly, year by year the number of the Vets reduce, but one hopes that their memory and sacrafices lives on through these parades attended by the 'next generation' in the Air Cadets..
  14. I have seen that most letting agents/landlords will ask that carpets are professionally cleaned come the end of your tenancy if a pet has been in the property. I think that it is only fair that the tenant does this provided the carpets had been professionally cleaned beforehand by the landlord/agent.
  15. It is better for a landlord not to accept DSS payment direct, as if there is any over payment the council are able to take the overpayment direct from the landlord without any warning, whereas, if it is done through the tenants the landlord is in a better position where he does not need to worry about whether or not the tenant has been over paid as he should get the rent without a problem and there is no chance of it being debited from his account.
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