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  1. All Welcome Tuesday Night At White Hart 184 St Philips Road S3 7JS All Welcome July 20 from 3pm onwards Pottery Dog followed by Karaoke at night COME ON DOWN
  2. Bit of A Bash @ The White Hart S3 7JS 184 St Philips Road For all ex pupils From St Pauls From when it first opened ON 20th July From 3pm Onwards Just to see who is left
  3. Tis I Paddy Maloney If any of you interested having A bit of a bash 69 this year so doing it on Sat 20th July @ The White Hart 184 St Philips Road S3 7JS Band on At 3pm Pottery DoG All welcome. Might be the last get together So come on down bring a friend.
  4. Any body Left that was at St Pauls when first opened ?
  5. White Hart Still Open with Same Landlord Nearly 30yrs
  6. Have decided to have a do on 17th of July FRI all welcome. (Plenty of notice)
  7. Well its taken some time to get people to at least say they went to St Pauls Who's class were you in
  8. Hi PaM Can Remember the name Christine Rushton not sure about Imma. Mary went on to nursing In Leeds not seen or herd from her for 15 yrs might be more. The only person I keep in touch with is our Moya. I have not moved very far from home as I am a Pub Land Lord In Netherthorpe just behind St Vincents I can see the old Church from kitch window White Hart. One of my customers is John Bamford he also went to St Pauls same age. So if you are passing call in.
  9. Yes I Did, I sang Galway Bay And Yes I Did Have A sister, Mary & Moya. Once seen Never Forgotten
  10. No Dont Remember The Name Pam :Sorry My Name Is Patrick Moloney As You Already Said You Dont Remember The Names But I Will Let you Off. Time Is Not On Our Side.
  11. With Bob Berbesko Peter Mc Hugh Kieron Wright
  12. Yes I Can remember Frank finished up as mechnic at Ford Garage London Rd behind Tiffs
  13. Miss Brown On Organ Or sister Cecelia, Dermot Ryans Dad Think Kevin Kieron Moloney, Patrick Moloney, Cris Sheldonor or Shelton.
  14. cant remember trips brain not too good.
  15. I went to st Vincents for one year 1962 to 1963 Then on to St Pauls. I was also in choire When Keith was lead singer I heard not so long back he knocks about in Woodseats and never sings a note What a voice that man had.
  16. Yes Mr Ogden I can remember all those teacherers including the metalwork man Mr Hawkesworth. Also the nun St Felicity. I'll Be 60 this yr. What about you.:
  17. These Must Have Been Taken on wk/end or after 6pm Otherwise you would have seen the profit ! CARS
  18. Yes Bro Smith was there from 1927 in the old St Vincents then moved up to St Joe's on Howard Hill were Ibelieve he finished his days. If they are still paying off the new St Vincents what Happened to the money from St Joe's. Before you say it . The church belong to the Sissters. No its all about how much money they can waste.
  19. The reason that they have done nothing with it the carigng church are drawing parking fees that add up to alot of money for their purse. As usual
  20. SI attended St Vincents in 1961 Its Last Year as 11plus school then went on to St Pauls As most of you have said they are good memories. I have not noticed in all the messages a mention of the late Brouther Smith what a man. I dont think St Vincents would have been the same with out him
  21. Have found Paddy Maloney he is a Land Lord and is still doing his bit for the boozers at The White Hart St Philips Rd Netherthorpe. Its an old type pub. Plenty of Chracters.
  22. She's called in today to say she needs more time to sort her head out. Can not explain what is wrong with her self only that her head is telling not to come home, Havesat with her for 4hrs listening and trying to understand. It's mind blowing but I will have to go along with it as long as it takes and just keep my mouth shut. (hard).
  23. :hihi:Did Any One Go To St Pauls Between 1961 to 1967
  24. Bladesman name of big bouncerwas Jim Moran Who is now working for ST Peter on the gates
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