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  1. An absolute tragedy, thats what happens when unions are left unchallenged.
  2. reagan had nothing to do with british industrial relations. try to stay with the discussion. check your facts. you are spouting rubbish.
  3. harleyman you are right, the others are wrong. like you i suspect ther were not there. keep the faith.
  4. i dont regard it as arguing the toss, rather bringing light to your darkness.
  5. I also have an NVQ in security, a diploma in bookeeping and a signed edition of The Worlds Great Cities by Lord Norwich, please do not undersell me.
  6. Stanley, how lovely to hear from you, tell me did you get the book ? (Idiots Guide to trolling), also have you retrieved whats left of the caravan? Those cliffs on the east coast are very treacherous. Do be careful. I wont be around much tonight as I am going to a dinner at the Conservative Club, its in honour of Maggies glorious victory in the Falklands. I went there you know on my South Atlantic cruise (Cunard). Nice place, simple people, you would feel at home. Toodle Pip old sprout, keep the faith. Vote for Dave PS I finished "Cheryl Cole her life and Times" Churchillian dear boy. Thanks.
  7. You are absolutely right bazjea, it is a common misconception that it was a Conservative administration although they were in the majority. I did forget that and altered it soon after. The 1935 general election must have been interesting. The coalition did not do so badly under the circumstances and I think I am right when I say that one of the last MPS to stand as a National MP was Lloyd Georges son. Thank you for the correction.
  8. The Labour party were singulalrly under represented in the National Government. It was a coalition mostly of Tories and Liberals under a Conservative Prime Minister. Neville Chamberlain.
  9. Youll never start a revolution while the European cup is on.
  10. Mines and Collieries Acts (about 1840) Ten Hours Act (about 1840) for the benefit of millworkers Lunacy Acts for the benefit of those incarcerated in mental institutions Chimney Sweepers and Chimney regulations The above are a sample of the laws introduced in the 1850s years before the LABOUR party was created. Lod Shaftesbury was the prime mover of these acts. A TORY
  11. Jim is in perfect control of the facts. The fact that this person has managed to resurrect his/her career is testement to thier tenacity and determination. What Blunkett and his gang did was reprehensible, typical of the socialist mafia that has infested this city for too long.
  12. I am buying some chickens and a donkey just in case.
  13. You are absolutely right, they pine for the days of industrial strife when the class war (as they put it) was at its height. A headlong race into oblivion for the country, the industries they worked in and their industrial might. Thank god for Maggie Thatcher.
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