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  1. tosh13 (my dad tony) passed away on sunday. he spent hours on here and enjoyed it alot. i dont know if he had made any friends. i though i would post to let people know. he was love and will be missed by many people. thankyou for taking the time to read this message.
  2. Owls 2 vs 1Coventry Charlton 1 vs 2 Blades Blackpool 2 vs 1 Owls Blades 2 vs 1 Wolves
  3. Morgs has believed to have been in touch with Barnsley regarding the Hume injury ,he enquired at H/T & F/T and the ref had told Morgs he did not see the elbow as a deliberate act,just an accident,otherwise he would have sent Morgs off.I hope Hume makes a fast recovery and is soon back on the field playing.
  4. I have seen the elbow on Hume and although it looks bad ,Morgs will not have meant any malice,Hume moved to the side of Morgs when he headed the ball his arms opened up a reaction from any defender in the land,my Grandson was taught how to put his arms across to stop a player getting to the ball.I hope Hume get's well soon and this does not turn into a witch hunt.Howard and Naughton got elbowed in the last derby match although the result in the injuries were not the same it was still an elbow.
  5. Derby 2 vs 0 Owls Blades 2 vs 1 Reading
  6. It's on the official Blades site,they are wishing Hume a full recovery,if Morgs has caught him I cannot see him doing it deliberate,although he is a tough player, but I do not see him as a player who would go out and do harm to another fellow professional player.
  7. Good win ,shame about the sendings off Ugo should have known better being an elder pro,I thought it was going to end up abandoned due to a lack of players on the field,but what a derby match full of blood & guts and that was only Morgs,but we are steadily creeping up the table in stealth mold.
  8. Hi PopT can't be sure the lad came over from Boston USA in the late 60s early 70s to see his family on Forster Road at Heeley,his name was Jan Poleckie but don't know if I have the surname spelt right.cheers Tosh13
  9. So the defence did not contribute to both scores,you cannot blame Paddy for 9 goals scored against him,I saw the Holland match although 1 of the goals was suspect and maybe he could have done better,but the other goals he could do nothing,look at some of the saves in the last few matches world class,the only thing that worries me about Paddy is long shots ,free kicks etc:But like you I hope he get's his chance.
  10. Hi can anyone help me ,I am looking for the correct spelling of a Polish American I knew as a kid from Heeley,I will spell the second name how it sounds Poleckie first name Jan.Hoping someone can help cheers Tosh13.
  11. Paddy is no doubt in my mind one of the best Goalkeepers outside the PL,I cannot understand why the new Italian RI manager has not been to see him in action,he is better than Given's understudies,Paddy only left the international scene a few years ago when he was having personal problems & has been overlooked ever since,well I think Paddy is a great GK no matter what others think,give him the money he is worth it.
  12. Owls 2 vs 0 Doncaster Barnsley 1 vs 2 Blades
  13. Hi Len and welcome to the forum.Tosh
  14. Crystal Palace 2 vs 1 Owls Blades 1 vs 0 Plymouth
  15. A good point last night,we played some good stuff in the 1st half,I am pleased we have another clean sheet but I don't think the 4-3-3 formation suits Beattie,it is 4 games since he scored his last 2 goals,but I don't see any problems when we go 4-4-2.
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