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  1. Hi All, To commemorate and commiserate the sad destruction of Sheffield's most famous landmarks I have been working on a book and photo essay, to be published in the next couple of months. The book covers the history of Blackburn Meadows Power Station, the construction of the cooling towers, and the last week in the life of the towers. At present I am looking for a few additional photographs which show the demolition, preferably from the shopping centre side of the M1 and from the south side of the canal, east of the viaduct. As the photographs are for publication they need to be of a high quality, probably not less than 5Mbyte file size, taken with the a Digital (or Film) SLR camera; unfortunately camera phone images will not be of sufficient quality. I would also be interested if anyone has good historical black & white or colour photographs (or slides) of the power station or cooling towers. especially form the 1980s or earlier. If you have any photographs or anecdotes that you would consider for publication in the book then please email me at tinsleybook@googlemail.com (that is: "tinsleybook AT googlemail DOT com"). Cheers, Ian I'll also take this opportunity to clear up a couple of points that I have read on this thread today: > Viaduct Closure - it was always intended that the viaduct would remain closed until at least 20.00 Sunday, as this was the time required to complete full inspections, reestablish power, light and water (which had all been turned off pre-demolition) before it could reopen. A meeting was due to be held at 19.45 to make that decision. I don't live by the viaduct so would be interested to know what time it did finally reopen? > North Tower - there appears to be some confusion as to how the final part of the North Tower was brought down. About 30 mins after the main demolition two large excavators moved to the base of the tower and commenced to move around rubble - the first part of the remains to fall was the "finger" part that pointed out by itself. It took nearly 2 more hours for the excavators - mainly pushing at the tower using extended-reach arms - to finally bring down the remains. I left the Meadow Hall Road grass bank - very wet! - at around 5.30.
  2. Thanks for suggestions so far.. I've read some not so encouraging stories about both Pentagon and Gordon Lamb which is why I was looking more for an idependent supplier one that still knows Toyotas well (RAV4 specifically). I checked Space's suggestion of Monty's and from wehat I can see - although they are no longer a Toyota dealer - they are a Toyota service centre and hold stocks of Toyota parts for many other dealers. Appreciate any other input:)
  3. Hi, I'm new to Sheffield so would appreciate if anyone can recommend an independent garage who are familiar with servicing Toyota's and can also perform MOT?
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