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  1. Not been on here for ages, where has everyone gone
  2. Hi Janie, hows your pat dugley going on not see her for age, i know she was getting better after an illness. she was in a wheel chair at that time. Brian
  3. Hi Mike, Seem to have lost touch with some lads that came on here, but did notice you put Melville Deakin, i knew him as melvin deakin and the boy use to be in No6 house with me and our first house mother was miss Linsley, she died then we had a house mother called Miss Marshall. I went into Fulwood cottage homes in 1942/3 left 1954. happy days speaking for myself. dont get on here these days i'm on facebook more now. yours Brian
  4. Hi All, I went out of my front this morning and something fell on my head, when i looked up i saw at least 6/7 black ladybirds in the top corner of my door frame. Should i know anythink about these black ladybirds, usully i've seen the red with black spots.
  5. Hi Johnpm, Thanks For Your Great Pics, I loved My Time In The Boys Brigade In The Late 1959/60 At The Reform Chaple Grimesthorpe 4. I Knew A Few Faces On The Photos, They Sort OF Look Better In Black/White. Thanks For Putting Them On. Cheers Johnpm
  6. Good News Week---WoW We. Yes Lidl Opening on Thursday 29th March, my todays post comfirms 8-00AM opening. Prince Wales Rd.
  7. ------------------------- Thanks for your picture Person6, the first pic takes me back on my fishing day and use to go one works matches. sweep steaks was great too had many a good day on bankside then calling at a pub on our way home from the match. I never won a match bur came 3rd and won a cuterly set. Like the Victoria Station story true words. Thanks again.
  8. Hi Peter, Thank you for your kind help. Answear to page 37-No735. Your No3 picture of the grinding shop was next door the the No1 Roll Hardening shop heat treatment-No4 in the pic. If you came out of your office and looked to the right there was a red door that led to the heat treatment, going through there also took you to the grinding shop and from there led you to 37 yard 37 Gate. ---------- No2 Roll Hardening shop was down at 40 Gate next door the the South Treatment shop at 41 Gate. No3 Roll Hardening shop was on carlisle st the big Black building behind the Corner pin pub. as on your pics I'm sure you'll have passed at least No1 Roll Hardening shop at sometime in your earlier years there. Your Brian and thanks again Peter.
  9. -------------------------- Hi Peter, Many thanks for all the pictures you have shared on this thread of Firth Browns, thanks for your reply and here is a good one of Roll Hardening Shop No y,04074 if you could put on here please. ------------ My very best wishes to you and your family - good health - for 2018 Yours Brian.
  10. Yes Peter them water towers were on the cover.answer to your quote 629. Could you please put me this picture on firth browns thread. No Y,04075 its roll grinders shop and you will have walked though this shop in your time. Yours Brian, Thanks.
  11. Hi Peter, That picture you put on here of Firth Browns looking down the lineside you can see them 2 water towers, there are at bottom end near Newhall rd Bridge. Can you remember some while back that i gave them a mention. Yours Brian.
  12. You dont have to listen if you dont want too
  13. Hi Peter, Now this picture is a good-un. Looking down the rail track to the right was an area of the melting shop and further down at the black builing was most of the Machine Shops, 2 M/C roll grinders 5bay and 6bay. Across at the left was Bessama shop and the Tyer Mill. Walked Up/Down on that track loads of times. Again lots of memories Peter. Yours Brian
  14. Lidl has knew opening hours till 10-00pm or 10-30pm. It has food on the ground floor, upstairs cafe and clothes, also public toilets and disable toilets. Carpark looking good nearly all the junk as gone. just waiting for an opening date. Wow We. PS, On Prince Wales Road.
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