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  1. Anyone remember David Thompson? He had a sister Valerie, his parents ran a small fruit and vegetable shop in their garden, which was huge. We lived across the street and went often for groceries and the odd penny arrow. My first movie was 101 Dalmations, which I went to with him. My name is Janet Higgins and I have a twin sister Linda. We emigrated to Canada 1965 with my family. I’d heard he was running a small shop in Sheffield
  2. Does anyone remember Dorothy Harrison, she live in the Charnock area and had an older brother David I think, I left Sheffield in 1965 we emigrated to Canada with my family, my name is Janet Higgins and I have a twin sister Linda.
  3. Yes I remember this place, we used to walk to ford from Glendale’s, the whole family and enjoy a lovely day out and a picnic, we used to go to the tea shop and get a pot of tea for the grown ups, and if we were lucky a drink of pop and maybe some crisps. Like most families in the late 50’s/60’s money was limited, treats were special, but we were always happy, content and wanted for nothing....fond memories
  4. Hi: My name is Janet Higgins, I have a twin sister Linda do you remember us? We left Sheffield 1965 to come to Canada, still visit Sheffield every year, always a Yorkshire Lass at heart
  5. my dad was Ted Higgins, he was a metallugist and leave England in 1965 to come to Canada, he passed away at the early age of 65 in 1991, any memories of him? ---------- Post added 21-02-2013 at 18:52 ---------- my dad was in the chemical labs too during the 60's, he left England in 1965 to come to Canada, his name was Ted Higgins; sadly he passed away in 1991 at 65
  6. I left Sheffield in 1965 when my family came to Canada; although I was only 14 my husband and I still visit family in Sheffield as often as we can, going in a couple of weeks! cant' wait. Love my life in Canada but always a Yorkshire Lass at heart....the salt of the earth!
  7. OMG! you are absolutely correct, he looked the same right up until he passed away at 65 from heart problems, yes you are right he did buy a Singer, in maroon & cream. Yes he had a good life in Canada, bought a couple of nice boats that he used to go fishing in (his passion) He had a good job in Canada and started a union there too! My mom is still alive she turned 80 last year and is still very independant, living in her own home and still drives. My husband and I go to Sheffield every year to visit family, love my life in Canada but still a Yorkshire lass at heart !
  8. Janet Alexa: My Dad, Ted Higgins worked there as an instrument technician before we came to Canada in 1965; sadly he passed away in 1992
  9. thanks for that chairboy!...that took me right back to being a young child in an instant!
  10. what was the show where they sang 4 feather falls, 4 feather falls ....there's always magic in the air, I believe it was a pupper show, with a horse??? I have a good memory but it is short
  11. With regards to trams in Canada (we call them streetcars) they do fine, the streets are plowed and we manage, if not we would be off work from November to April!...we just cope
  12. want snow............visit Canada in the winter! it usually starts snowing in November and we have piles of it still in April! last week we had a snowstorm and it left us with 30 cms! another storm expected on Tuesday leaving us with another 5-10 cms and more of the same for Wednesday! I hate the stuff...one good thing is we know how to handle it here, roads are always promptly plowed and salted! we just take it in our stride.......and do alot of complaining about it too!
  13. vanity plates (as they are called in Canada) are EXACTLY that........for the VAIN and those insecure that they have the NEED to be noticed......I feel sorry for you all! on another note; you are right no one needs a tatoo, or a drink but some things in life are very permanent.......tatooes are not attractive when you are 90! think about it
  14. loved pinky & perky the twin pig puppets, and what about bill & ben the flowerpot men and thier flower friend weedy weed, I'm 58 this year and can still recall those programs! but can't recall what I did yesterday sometimes!....I have a good memory but it is short!
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